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Cannabutter with an 8th?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by SammySess, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. Hey people. I wanna make cannabutter by putting the butter and herb into a container and putting the container in a pot of boiling water (the container is pyrex) then letting it simmer for 45 mins.

    I just want to ask, can i use an 8th to make it? How much butter do i use for an 8th? Its dank herb.

  2. I made the butter. I used one stick of butter with the 8th of dank. After it cooked i boiled it (Didnt really have a strong smell, then again the bud had a unique not-so-pungent smell most dank usually has) then strained it and put it in tupperware and then i put it in the freezer. After like 20 minutes i had butter, put it on toast with some honey and ate it. Had the weirdest taste but not anything that i couldnt handle.. the honey definately covered it up.

    I just hope i cooked the butter correctly. I used like half a tablespoon of butter on toast and ate it at 12.20am, its currently 12.48am, report back to see if im high.
  3. 5 minutes away from hitting the 2 hour mark after eating... not feeling anything.. guess thats an 8th down the drain :(

    might up the dosage to a full spoon to 2 spoons of butter tomorrow
  4. lol that sucks...
  5. A stick of butter + an eighth is a lot of butter for so little weed.
    Did you chop it up a lot before you used it?
  6. i woulda just smoked it :smoking:

    hope you feel your next dose mate:)
  7. Fffffuuuu a whole 1/8th gone in a failed attempt :(

    Next time man, and yeea I think as long as you use more weed you'll be good.
  8. It seems if you wanted to get high you should probably eat at least half of what you made. Seems like a lot but that's a lot of butter you put for just an 8th like others have said, a quarter or maybe even a half a stick would of been a lot better.

  9. Yeah, man. The high's not going to change just because you put it in butter. If an 8th gets you high, and you use a whole stick of butter with that 8th, you've got to expect to get an 8th high by eating all that butter, which it sounds like you didn't.
  10. just use the budder to make some brownies or cookies or something
  11. I think im gonna try half, if that doesnt work, screw ittttt!!!!

    oh and i know that a 1/4oz would have been ideal for a stick of butter but i thought if it was dank an 1/8th would be OK.
  12. UPDATE

    I just made scrambled eggs with a bit more than a quarter of the butter (greasiest f*cking meal of my life) and the butter made it taste SOOOOOOO baddddddd like a rat who just feasted on some garbage crawled into your mouth and died. makes me gagggg. Lets see how i do with this dosage. The last dosage was like half a table spoon on toast, this amount compared to the last is considerably larger.

    Eggs on toast eaten at 10:45am. Report back later

  13. lol did it wurk
  14. If i were you i would have just eaten the stick of butter if it was proving difficult to get an effect rofl.
  15. so how many G's to how much butter? a stock being what, 1/4 lb? so quad to a quad?
  16. Why'd you dig this thread up

  17. If you are asking me then I would say because I had a question. Why else?
  18. 1 ounce per pound of butter is what I do. :smoke:
  19. Thank you for an answer instead of an ingorant question! :)

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