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Cannabutter: Trim/Water Ratio Question

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by i win again, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. Hello,
    I am new to cooking with Herb and I was wondering the ratio of Water:Trim I should use for a tasty batch of Cannabutter, when using the crock-pot method? I have done a lot of the double boiler method and I like the effect, but I feel as if the slow-cooker would be better fitting for my needs. Thanks a lot for your input!:D
  2. The amount of water doesn't matter as it will be separated later.
    Use enough to float the material. You don't want it to touch the bottom. I would day 2-3 cups minimum depending...
  3. Thank you very much for the info! I'll let you know how the butter comes out.
  4. Hey guys, so its hour 17 and I was just posting a progress report:

    1 lbs European Butter
    2 oz Trim (Mid)
    6 cup H20

    Temp: 192F

    Last night I had a watery, green batch of pretty and this morning I came downstairs to a dark green, bubbling stew. I was just wondering if its usual to have bubbles breaking through the mixture. I know that this is a usual occurrence in regular slow-cooking but I have heard that the bubbles are a sign of the mixture being too hot. I have a lower setting on the crock-pot but I usually reserve that for keeping food warm rather than cooking. Any comments? Thanks! :D

    PS. Sorry for the lack of pics. A friend borrowed my camera.
  5. Ive never made cannabuter with that much trim(2oz), so I dont really know.
    the bubbles mean that the water is evaporating. you should cool it down a bit.

    how much cannabutter are you expecting to get?
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    I put a 1 lbs. in and was hoping to get as much as possible. The trim was finely ground. I was trying to make this butter as strong as possible. Okay I just turned the crock-pot to warm and the bubbles slowed a bit. I also added a couple of tbsp of h2o.
  7. With that much trim you should expect great cannabuter:hello:
    What are you going to bake with it? im interested.
    Got any special recipe?

    I love edibles:D
  8. Thanks! Well I am going to make some killer shortbread cookies with cinnamon and reduced (herb) strawberries to make a "strawberry shortcake" wanna-be. I just don't want to fuck this shit up by burning it (epic cooking failure!)
  9. sounds good.
    Do tell me how they taste when you try them:cool:
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    Oh for sure. This is my new profession so I should be on here a lot and I will post pics shortly (2 days). Thanks a lot for your help. :D
  11. Its your new profession? Color me curious, deets?

    Next time you can use less water - 6cups is alot for that much butter, the butter has to be thick enough (means you gotta have quantity) for it to cool into a stable mass floating on top of the water... With that much water you're going to have to use a very narrow container to chill the mixture for seperation.

    And yeah, as far as your ratios go thats going to be some pretty strong shit. The recommended ratio from "Patients Without Time" (who I trust on this subject more than most) Is something like 1lb good trim ->3lbs butter. From that a 1/2 cup makes 12 good strong doses... So going with that math or a sec, that means your butter will be 1/2 cup = 72 good strong doses.

    What kind of plant did you use, an indica or sativa? Did you use any bud or all trim? Are you treating anything with the mj, or is this recreational?
  12. Well with the economy in a steady and incessant decline, I have lost my job. I had a friend who already grows and had a bunch of extra trim lying around. So here I am. I would like to eventually get my recipes down to be able to predict the effects (I made some mellow candies that would produce a totally workable body high.)

    This butter is made from Hash Plant trim mixed with a little Crystal trim (some WW / Northern Lights Cross-strain).

    I have a couple of Pyrex bread pans that work great for butter/h20 disassociation and collection.

    As far as recreational vs. medical... I have panic attacks and am legally allowed to have herb (helped me kick the Xanex my dumb-fuck doctor prescribed me.)
  13. OK, if you're only using trim and you're using indica dom strains (like both of those) than an overdose shouldn't fuck you up too bad. If you overdose yourself on Sativa/Bud edibles its not very fun at all... If you overdose on Indica/Trim edibles worst case scenario you're gonna fall asleep and it'll feel awesome.

    You in CA? Mind if I ask what part?
  14. Yea I don't really like the heavy high sativa strains because I like to do shit when I'm high! Haha (Although I am planning on making some killer couch riders!) I actually don't live in CA, I live in Las Vegas, where a card is obtainable, but no dispensories!
  15. I do overnight, 8-15 hrs on low.

    I dont think it hurt on high, just higher chance of lossing enough water to scorch, but if you started with enough water you should be fine.

    In my case I want the strongest possible edible, so what i do is start with all my material, 2-3 ounces, and 1 stick. I then do it again with the same material. I usually get 2-3 sticks of the strongest possible butter ( you can share a cookie with 3 folks and everyone will be fucked) and another 2-3 sticks of so-so butter ( each person needs 2-3 edibles) .

    I use the strong butter for larger batch items ie brownies where i get 2 dozen from a batch or sugar cookies where i get almost 3 dozen from a 1 stick batch.

    Doing it this way will get the most out of your material but you will have to sample 1 edible per stick to determine when youve got everything from your material.

    Also be sure to rinse your cloth with the herb in it with fresh warm water at the end to get anything left stuck to the cloth and herb.

    I use the so-so butter on butter rich recipies, where you get a dozen or less items per stick of butter.

    In my experience having a weak edible will turn people off to the edible experience. Allot of folk dont like the taste and wont want to eat 3 of something. Some folks are overly cautious and will break it in half and eat half now and another half in a few hours. So a weak edible will not adequately buzz these folk.
  16. Thanks a lot for the cooking info, I'm very sure I'll use it. What do you usually make with the weaker butter? I was thinking the weak butter might be better in something where the smell/taste can be masked, but I don't know exactly what. Also I was wondering if you can use the "second-stage" material for an oil extraction and if so how good is the oil?
  17. I make something that takes more butter per unit, like butter mini muffins (2 sticks for 12 muffins), or lately i have been doing butter creme icing that way i can just load alot of icing on store bought baked goods to save time.
  18. Fantastic idea. A butter-cream icing is super easy as well. Thanks!
  19. I've just started my first grow yesterday, so I havn't had Trim available to me - I use vaped bud for mine which in theory should be relatively low in THC as it's one of the lower boiling points among the cannabinoids.... But its still very possible for me to OD on it in a bad way.

    On the oil side of things, you pretty much get out what you put in.... Trim and leaves etc. have a very high CBD:THC ratio, compared to the buds which have a high THC:CBD ratio... CBDs (and many of the other non-THC cannabinoids) are ideally suited for edibles because they give you most of the pain relief, and all of the sleepyness without the mind racing/panic attacks many people are prone to. If you use a good solvent (like food grade hexane, etc.) you can get pretty much 100% efficiency during your extraction, and that ain't bad.

    As far as using 2nd run material for oil - The nice thing about oil is every batch you make will be roughly the same potency... With oil, having lower quality bud does not mean lower quality oil - it just means less of it. Since hemp oil is extracted and concentrated without any meaningful dillution, if there arn't many trichomes left than you won't get much oil.

    That make sense?
  20. And re: weaker butter - Weaker butter just means you can eat more :) High strength butter is good for very small applications, like a hard candy, but if you were going to make a cake or some really big brownies etc. you'd want to use less powerful butter so people don't OD.

    I know I mention it alot, but I've seen many people completely write off edibles because they bought a super strong one from a club, ate the whole thing, and spent the next 24hrs feeling like they had the flu. After trying that myself, I stopped making super potent shit and contented myself to make more lower strength

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