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CannaButter questions: Potency, Storage, Use in Fine Dining?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by El Jugador, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, few quick questions here about CannaButter!

    1.) WHEN does CannaButter become psychoactive?

    Can you consume the CannaButter directly WITHOUT baking it into something? Once it's been in the fridge for 24 hours. I've seen numerous threads about people eating CannaButter, that's why I was wondering, although the answer seems obvious to me. Only once it's been baked?

    2.) How long can CannaButter be stored?

    Does the THC begin to degrade noticeably with time, and after how long?

    3.) How long can the finished baked product be stored?

    Pretty much same as question 2, except with the finished product. Will the THC degrade noticeably pretty soon? Like, say I bake some cookies with CannaButter, assuming they are properly stored in an air-tight container in a cool, dry, environment, how long will they be potent?

    4.) Can CannaButter truely replace butter in ANY food?

    Assuming CannaButter must be cooked first, can it be used in the...finer side of dining? Say, instead of getting stoned off of cookies, brownies, and cakes, all that bake sale there a way to implement the "psychoactiveness" in say baked chicken, lobster, mahi mahi, etc?

    Thanks guys, just a few questions I've been wondering even since I first laid eyes upon Hashmouf's epic CannaButter thread. :smoking:
  2. 1. yeah you can eat cannabutter plain
    2. wouldnt think the thc would degrade as it takes heat and light and air to degrade it long as you keep it in a fridge in a container it should last as long as regular butter
    3. they should be potent until you eat them
    4. yup it sure can
  3. Oh, thanks!

    Anyone else feel free to give their answers as well.
  4. CannaButter become psychoactive as soon as it is made. There is no other requirments no heat no anything. The thc adhears to the butter mocules.
    CannaButter can last as long as regular butter just keep it cold. You don't lose THC content over time.
    Cannabutter is regular butter so it can be used for anything food related.

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