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cannabutter question

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by 420=365, May 19, 2010.

  1. i want to make brownies or cookies or idk somethin..
    but my question is how much vaped weed do i need to make the cannabutter..
    I have about an eighh of vaped weed right now..also, if i need more could i just throw in mids?
  2. you need waaay more than an 1/8 of AVB. I would say 1oz of AVB per 2sticks o butter? but idk, im no expert lol. wait till someone else replies. good luck.
  3. I'm no expert with edibles either, especially when it comes to avb, but you would need a very large amount of avb compared to fresh greens, even those of low quality. the point of vaping is to achieve maximum thc yield out of your buddies, so avb contains very little noids, boids, or thc. I'd use at least 5 times as much avb as fresh, maybe even as much as heyhey suggested. on the bright side, you can freely experiment with your avb and not fear for losing much.. at least you've already enjoyed it ;)

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