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Cannabutter question

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by PsychoStone, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. What would work better?
    cooking the bud in the butter
    or mixing some bud into butter and letting that sit around for a couple days
  2. I'm pretty sure you have to cook it. I've heard of extracting the THC by keeping it in alcohol but never mixed into butter like a compound butter.

    Grind it up real good and add 1 stick of butter per quarter or half a stick for an eighth.

    Then in a pot half full of water ( i usually use one of thos small pots for sauces) simmer the bud, water and weed for as long as possible.

    I usually just do it overnight but I've heard that an hour or two works as well.

    Take the cannabutter off the stove and pour it through a metal coffee strainer into a tall glass. refrigerate and remove from water once the butter hardens.

    Enjoy your butter on a bagel or in cookies, brownies, power bars etc.....

    The sit back and relax as the high creeps up on you:smoking:

  3. yeah i was probably going to heat it up and strain it if some one said it would work.

    i was thinking it would be kinda like that firecracker recipe with just leaving the bud in the peanut butter.

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