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Cannabutter question

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Latty, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. Hey GC,
    I'm new to the medical marijuana scene, (about 3 weeks), and attempted to make some cannabutter, but have a few questions.
    I used 1/4 oz of what im assuming are mids, that a friend gave me for free. I didnt want to use medical cannabis for the first time.
    I think I may have burnt it, but am not sure. Here's a pic of the finished spreads like butter, but is rather dark green.
    Second question....does this stuff always taste like shit, or is it an acquired taste?
    Lastly, as said, im new to the scene, and am unsure on dosage. I get that everyone is different, etc, but could someone give me a bit of insight on how much to try.
    I used 1/4 oz mids to 1 1/2 sticks of salted butter. Decarbed it at 220 for an hour, then let it cool, and then made the butter.
    If i make a batch of cookies, is there a way to determine how much dosage a cookie is?
    Thanks in advance

  2. I'll give this a shot :smoke:
    Not sure if you burnt it, what temps were you using during the cooking process?  I believe it is an acquired taste, although the first edible I ate, was delicious with a hint of cooked cannabis flavour(if that makes any sense).
    1/4 to 1 stick is what I generally aim for.  When using butter I always use unsalted(been told unsalted is better).
    I rarely decarb, although I would recommend it.  My decarb process takes place during the cooking process.  I aim for 4 hour cook time minimum.  Longer the better I hear.
    Dosage can be hard to determine but.... say you use 1 stick of butter with 1/4 oz, make 20 cookies with it.  You can assume each cookie has 0.3grams in it.
    Look into soy lecithin to increase potency(never tried personally)  I use slow cooker as it seems to be easy to use.  I often use coconut oil as it absorbs the thc well, even though I hate the taste of coconut lol.
    Feel free to ask questions, I am no expert but I do make some delicious edibles that get you stoned. (wont be on much today, but will get back to you.)
  3. In my experience, it always tastes like shit.  Even the best made cannabutter with very little plant matter in it still makes me gag.  That chlorophyll taste.... YUUCK!
    Dankness is pretty on point!  I gotta say I agree with everything he said. Unsalted fo sho.
    To me it looks like tons of little specks of leaf and plant matter in your butter, not burned.  How did you make it?  Did you use water?
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    Here's the process I used:
    Ground up all of my herb.
    Put in a pie dish and covered it, at 220 for an hour.
    Melted down my butter on a low heat (3 on my stovetop) slowly mixed in herb.
    Simmered it for about 45 minutes
    Strained it with one of those "tea strainers"
    Pushed down on the herb to squeeze all the butter out.
    I used a shallow stir fry pan to cook, and no water, so im wondering if the herb was too close to the burner?
    Thanks you two
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    Hmm maybe you did burn the butter?
    Next time use water.  It makes things much easier.  When the process is done put your pot in the refrigerator over night and the butter will rise to the top and harden on top of the water.
    I simply put my butter/herb/water in a big ass pot.  Lowest simmer possible 1 to 2 hours.  Strain through Cheesecloth. Cool.  Bake.  Enjoy!
  6. Also I feel I should add, I never used water.  Although if you want to increase amount of bud used I can see it helping.  Your butter does look dark, mine is always a nice green color(sorry don't have pics). 
    Read you second post
    45 mins might be to short of time but you did decarb so I think it would work fine.  Next time maybe try making it and leaving your plant matter in, put in tub let set in fridge overnight and reheat and stain the following day.
    Trail and error is the way I learned.
    I feel as though without water you will lose a lot of cannabutter to your cheesecloth as you are running pure canna infused butter through the cloth as opposed to like a 4-1 water-butter ratio liquid. I would always recommend using water simply for this reason.
  8. Interesting, I do tend to lose some butter through the straining process.  Next run I may try water.  I have just been using my dads recipes and my first attempt I said, "what, no water."  He said he never used it before...not worth the extra step.
    Thanks for the tip.
  9. #9 Brother Urb, Oct 18, 2014
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    hehe funny you say.  First time I learned was from my dad and he did it without water as well. :smoking:
    Must be the oldskool method.
    My next attempt will be using coconut butter.  NEver tried it before.  I'm almost vegan now. :D
  10. Coconut butter?  Never heard of it before but sound interesting.  My next will be butter since I found some Reese's peanut butter squares, cant wait to make but I still have a full tray of coconut oil brownies to destroy.
  11. Yeah I've actually been seeing it a lot on the net lately.Even from regular non veg folks. It's just cold pressed coconut oil which almost hardens at room temp.  Similar texture to room temp butter.  I guess its just a healthy conscious alternative to traditional butter.
    My plan is to make capsules similar to BHO capsules. :D  Trying to shake this sugar addiction.  It's 30+ years in the making.  Not an easy drug to kick!
  12. Good tips, noted.
  13. I was using my coconut oil in capsules, works great.  I assume any extract would work well in capsules providing its done right.
    Fo sho!  Although I heard olive oil isn't as effective as some of the others for extraction.  Maybe it needs a certain lipid content or percentage to effectively adhere to the cannabinoids?
  15. ^ could be.  I always aim for high fat %.  More fat = more thc extraction.  <- That's what I have always been told and that's how I have always done.
  16. It's the saturated fat that makes coconut oil amazing for weed infusion. Olive oil is very unsaturated whereas coconut oil is 98-99% saturated.
    BadKittySmiles who is pretty much the Pope of edibles recommends that you don't infuse your oil or butter with water. What happens there is trichomes can sink to the bottom, sit in the water, then get drained without ever being exposed to the oil! Hash down the drain. If you want the water to aid in straining, it's best to add it after you're done simmering the weed in the butter/oil and let it cool.
    I have no experience with butter, but infused coconut oil smells and tastes wonderful to me. Just put an oz into 2 cups of coconut oil the other day. Looked so beautiful I wanted to chug the whole thing.
    1 hour of decarbing is excessive, that may be the source of the burnt taste. 15-20 minutes is all you need for 1/4oz. Grind it finely and just check till it turns slightly brown. 
  17. Canna caps have been a game changer for me. Easy to make, and super effective. Little doses give me BIG results.

    They take a few hours to make, but you don't need to babysit them. I can do other shit while they are 'cooking.'

    Shoe boss
    How do you fill them though? I love the idea of caps but I don't have the patience to stand there filling cap after cap individually all day. 
  19. I went to CVS or Walgreens and got an oral syringe. It's perfect. I can fill 20 caps in like 10 minutes or less. Very easy. I got the gel caps and soy lethin at a GNC (supplement or health food store). The oral syringe is like 10 ml

    Shoe boss
  20. Nice! Will give it a shot.

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