cannabutter or what?HELP!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by medman, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. I have severe lower back problems.I don't live in a "legal"" state.
    I only have about a 1/4(SensiStar) left.
    I have had several setbacks with the current "operations".
    I have allready rolled these(I roll about an oz at a time).
    I need this to last me for as long is possible!
    I have never cooked with it before.
    I need a really simple guide for getting all I can out of this for consumption.
    I also need to know how much to ingest.
    I have read that ingesting it gives a result of about 4 times as strong.
    Can it be ingested raw?
    I really need help.
  2. well you could cook up some canna-butter and make a batch of around 5 or 6 which should each get you nice and stoned.
  3. ive ingested a lot of pot and i really would suggest smokin it
    eatin it makes u extremely tired and lazy... much more so than smoking
    the high doesnt feel as good as u just feel really tired
    it lasts longer but not really stronger and it takes more to get u high
    personally id blaze the pot

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