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cannabutter - not as potent as expected

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by rrs, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. So I finally decided to cook up some cannabutter, after having 3 failed experiences with firecrackers, but it was not nearly as potent as I thought it would be. I had done a good amount of research before and heres what I did

    -Boil Water
    -Drop 1.5 sticks butter in, let melt
    -Drop 3.5g dank, 15g vaped bud, 15g stems and crap
    -Drop temperature down to low heat and allow simmer
    -Simmer for 3 hours, stirring every 15-20 minutes
    -Strain weed, squeeze out remaining juice
    -Let sit in fridge overnight, grab green solid butter in morning

    Using all the butter I made, I baked this cookie cake mixture (350F for 30 minutes) and split it between 4 people, 2 of which got somewhat high and the others felt nothing

    Did I do something wrong? Or did I not use enough bud? Somewhat disappointed at the results after going through all the trouble
  2. i would say, dont use the vaped bud, even tho you used over a half O of it, it doesnt contain that much THC because it was vaped out. try using a half o of some mids ground all fine ;)
  3. hmm thats odd. i typically make brownies with an ounce of vaped bud only and they are plenty potent.

    personally, i feel like stems and vaped bud are about equivalent in terms of potency so an ounce of vaped bud and stems plus another eighth of dank seems like more than enough. the first time i made brownies with an ounce of vaped bud, i threw in an extra eighth of mids just to be safe and they were waaaaaaay too strong. so the amount you used seems like it would definitely be effective.

    i typically cut my brownies into 15 pieces, and two pieces each is always enough to get me and my friends fucked up. considering you split yours 4 ways, i feel like everybody should have been pretty comatose. i can only draw 2 conclusions from this.

    1) the stems are not potent enough and you either need to use another half of vaped bud or another eighth of dank.


    2) something went wrong in the cooking process and for some reason the cannabutter ended up being not as potent as it could have been with that quantity.

    sorry they didnt turn out as expected man :(
  4. boil the weed for a full 24 hours...

    it shoukd look like this


    this is what i made

  5. Why for 24 hours, that seems wayy way too long to cook anything. I have done it for 3-4 hours and the results have been fine. So just wondering if theres a reason to that. Your not that the 1st one to say that and it confuses me how long does it take for all thc to come out that long really??
  6. i use a crock pot...

    24 hours gives you the max potentcy

    trust me....try it:D
  7. #7 loserface, Oct 3, 2010
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    24 hours is how long I cook my vaped buds. 3 hours isn't nearly enough time. You want a knockout recipe?

    -2oz vaped buds
    -One crockpot with a tall thin design explanation: I found that my cannabudder was exponentially better when the buds were fully submersed in the butter while cooking. Too much surface area and it all just sits on top. When I scoop my budder out of the crock pot it lookls like wet black goop. :)
    -4 stick of butter
    -24hrs time and some blunts to smoke
    -one french press to strain it

    This makes me 4 batches of brownies that I bake in a 13x9 pan and I cut 12 brownies per batch. 2 brownies will put me to sleep in a few hours. I may be a lightweight but at least I'm high.

    P.S. The better the buds you vape, the better the budder. I use mids btw.

    I've been working on that recipee for a year and surprised all my friends with how well it turned out with so little buds used. The only other thing I would make butter with is trim. I think fresh stuff is a waste. Waste not, want not.

    Hope this helps.

    Up top, your budder looks great like mine does. :) yummy.
  8. QFT!

    I cannot emphasize how well a crock pot works, my budder always is way strong when cooked nice, long and slow.
  9. what temp should the crockpot be at?

  10. Mine doesn't have a temp setting or anything but as long as you keep it on low for 24 hrs you won't scorch your buds. My last 3 batches, I didn't use any water to keep the temps down and it was just as potent as the 3 or 4 times before that.

    P.S. People, this WILL smell your entire house up with a wonderfull nutty, buttery, weedy smell. Its so lovely :) but if smell is a concern then you will need some kind of nuetralizing air spray or an incent.
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  11. i just made up a batch of afghan butter...

    ill post pics when im back from cali..
  12. Ok i did that but with an oz to almost a lb of butter. And im not to sure if its good or not as im a rlllly big smoker
  13. Your problem is that you baked the edibles in the oven at 350 degrees when you should have been at around 290 as the boiling point of thc is 314 degrees. This is the reason they didn't work and also like everyone else said you need to let simmer for way longer. I let mine simmer in butter for 8+ hours
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  14. I simmered mine for 36 hrs in the crockpot. Some do it up to 4 day's.

    Potent as fuck

    Shit, I used coconut oil. Sorry.

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