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Cannabutter Lighter Green With A Yellowish Tint

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by POWskier, May 21, 2013.

  1. I made some cannabutter the other day and I simmered/very lightly boild an ounce of buds. 7 grams per stick of butter. The canabis first started in a water cook for about an hour or an hour and a half and I could see bubles of resin frothing on the surface of the water. Once my cannabis sunk I added the butter then let the the weed cook for another two to three hours on a low boil/simer.
    Once the butter hardened I notice that it was lighter green than my friends butter which contained shake but also 14 grams per stick. So twice as much plant than I had. My butter also looked a bit cleaner with no black gunk stuck to the bottom of the butter. When I tasted a bit of my butter it had a funny texture to it and felt a little gritty with a pungent tast of marijuana.
    Is there just more chlorophile in greener weed butter or did I fuck up. The butter is definitely still green just looks a different shade of green and not nearly as dark.

  2. Your friend's butter would probably be greener just from using more plant matter, but the color and the strength don't really have anything to do with eachother.  The only real way to know if it's good is to test it out though  :smoking:
  3. Water extracts plant waxes, tannins, and chlorophyll, along with greatly slowing down the process of dissolving the cannabinoids into the oil source, so my guess is your water cook brought tons of shit you don't need out, and slowed down how much of the goods got absorbed when you added the butter, so you got a majority of wax and not so much thc,cbd, cbn.
    Never use water with cooking edibles. Even butter has water in it with intereferes with the process, which is why ghee (clarified butter) is usually made, since ghee removes the water and some other stuff from the butter to leave you with an oil which works much better at dissolving the cannabinoids.
  4. I think the only reason was that I used buds and less plant material because I took one 45 minutes ago and I am starting to get a strong buz. I cooked the weed for close to five hours because I thought the weed wasn't extracted enough. Definitely cleaner than my friends the butter sternly looks a blondish yellow green it looks like mostly keif got mixed in it or something. I was kind of worried that it wasn't green enough but it still smelled dank so I knew something had gotten into the butter.  :smoking:
  5. thats about what mine ends up like,if it works good eat it. i found longer you cook better result. usually takes 10 hours to do mine. and dont let the water get to a rolling boil at all! just simmer,when it boils it looses a lot of the thc. and ussually a pound of butter to an ounce of whatever. 
  6. I would for sure! But sadly I'm currently living with the 'rents, and they disapprove. However once I'm in my own place this will be one of the first things I make.  :cool:
  7. Eat a stick of butter and wait a couple of hours to see if you fucked up.

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