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cannabutter in microwave?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by thesutton7, May 14, 2010.

  1. hi guys. I got rousted not too long ago by my mom so I want to be able to get high in the most subtle way possible. Would putting some weed with some butter in the microwave for a while and then spreading the butter on bread or something work? if so, how long should I put it in for. haha i realize it would probably turn out pretty disgusting but I dont really mind.
  2. Sorry bro but I'm afraid science has proved that it is impossible to extract thc from weed and mix into butter from the HEAT GIVEN OFF MICROWAVES ... as opposed to the OVEN WAVES. I don't know the exact names for the waves cause I'm too fucking high right now ... but NO ... it will NEVER WORK!
  3. The guy above me is a moron...

    Just google firecrackers or search it on this forum..tons of threads involving the microwave..
  4. Yes but those threads are not scientifically proven to work. Just because some moron tries it and psychologically thinks it has affected him, it doesn't mean he's had a full blown dosage of THC from heating firecrackers in the microwave. Seriously dude, stfu because you should know better than to compare ACTUAL SCIENTIFIC PROOF against your INTUITION and FALSE BELIEF ... moron
  5. asianpothead is right i think, don't microwaves denature thc?
  6. I dare you to cite your sources.
  7. yes, you are all of GC's top priority. Everybody drop what your doing, nobody browse any other threads until her emergency is taken care of! :rolleyes:

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