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Cannabutter, Do you Use Trim?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Seabasstian, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. After reading many posts, it seems as though most people tend to use actual weed, as opposed to the trimmings like I (and I hope others) do.

    I was just curious, do you? How much trim do you tend to use per pound of butter?

    I am very inexperienced as far as butter, I have only made three batches, the third is about to be made into more cookies and the first two had nothing but good reviews (cookies were made with them as well, chocolate chip).

    The first batch of butter we used about 2 oz of trim. The second time we used about 3 oz, and for this third batch we used 2.5 oz.

    I feel like this is overkill, but the first batch had some shade leaves and what not in it (no stems or brown leaves though, and no monster shade leaves), the second was cleaned up. and now we only use the sugar leaves/what we cut off when trimming.

    Any comments/ideas are much appreciated.

  2. I would use 1 lb. of dry decarbed trim to 1 lb. of butter with enough water to cover everything. It will be very potent.
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  3. You'll also see that a lot of other people use AVP and a lot of others use trim. If you have access to trim, that's what you use with maybe a few popcorn buds or a little cured bud, but many people only have access to commercial bud and not fresh trim. There's nothing wrong with overkill if you've got it. :D
  4. I use a cup of trim per cup of butter. It always turns out strong.
  5. Have you tried it with coconut oil? Since it is pure monounsaturated and balanced 3 to 1 with omega acids, it has no salt and water fillers and can hold much more THC and Cannabinoids.. Or so it would seem. Use just as you would with butter infusing herb no less than 3 hours at 180-250f although its safe up to 350- good luck, let me know how it goes
  6. Don't do this.

    I cook with only trim. I cook 5 ounces of trim per 4 sticks of butter. 1 stick per batch of brownies and they always come out strong! Good luck.:smoking:
  7. I've been making butter for years.

    Not once have I ruined smokable buds, only ever used shade leaves and trim. Mostly shade leaves, too. Just trimmings from a recent harvest.

    Also, not once have I not been absolutely annihilated by the stuff.

    I generally use about a pound of coarsely ground shade leaves (crushed by hand) to 4 sticks of butter. The key is to cook it for a good 12 hours.

    Also, forget coffee strainers or cheese cloth. STOCKINGS, like the ones women wear, are PERFECT. You can stretch them over your container, pour everything in, and the stocking is big enough that you can get both hands in and squeeze out every last bit of that precious green syrup. :D

    I'm not saying don't use bud, but if you can get your hands on some leaf, you won't be disappointed.

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  8. ive used straight leaves from a male plant with coconut oil and it was bomb lol. trim does work. everybody does not grow so it is hard to access trim for some people.
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  9. I use 1cup of water to 1 stick of butter
  10. I used 1.5oz of grinded bud in 2 cups of coconut oil for edibles.
    This makes 2 dozen brownie squares that achieve my goal.
    (I have to cut them in half for other people so they don't throw up at my house.)

    I use 2oz of crunched fan leaves and trim in 2 cups of coconut oil for topical application. My wife can't live without this stuff.

    I feed the stems and male plants to the rabbit. He runs me over to get to it.

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