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Cannabutter adventure

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Chamonix, May 3, 2015.

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    So l am a long term member. I have always dabbled in edibles but never commited myself to them.

    Until today. For a few months I saved already been vaped weed (abv from here on) and had saved up 64 grams. I use a whip vapor daddy deluxe. I vaped my weed until it is brown ish. I started by washing the weed 4 times in cold water. Shaking it vigorously in a glass jar, then straining the water out with cheese cloth.

    I added 3 sticks (1 and 1/2 cups) of unsalted butter and a bit of water. I set this in a crock pot filled with boiling water. The crockpot is currently maintaining a temperature of 190 derees farenheit. I placed this mixture in at approximately 8:00pm and will remove it from heat at 11:00pm.

    Stay tuned for more updates. Tomorrow I plan on making peanut cannabutter chocolate chunk cookies.

    Edit: to update progress the temperature is curently 98 celsius or 205 farenheit. The jar is now pressurized from heat. The weed is beening pushed to the surface with the butter. Opening the jar results in precious butter spraying out. So into a cold water bath in 20 minutes.
  2. Damn ive never heard of anyone using a crockpot thats clever. Excited for updates
  3. Weed has come out. Since weed likes to absorb butter i do two batches. The first straining results in a clear brown butter layer and a murky brown water layer. Washing it first has resulted in a cleaner look to the water.

    After i squeeze ot as much butter from the weed a possible, i heat water and swish the remnants around in it. This results in a minor amount of butter retrieval. Not much but every bit saved. All the liquids are in the freezer right now setting up.
  4. Sounds like a lot of work and kind of a mess... I just put my ground-up ABV herb straight into the cookie mix. ;)
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    I would prefer not to eat a cookie with ground up partially brunt weed in it. Abv isnt the nicest shit in general so cooking it in butter is good for that.


    Abv butter solidified over night. A little was saved from the second wash but not much. The first straining plus the recovery netted me 265 grams approximately of butter out of about 330 starting weight. The 80grams of lost butter butthatd the game right? This has left me with approximately 1 nad 1/3 cup of abv butter. It is currently being melted and cooled. Almost time for penut cannabutter chocoloate chunk cookies.

    Update 2:

    Thanks to the water, a quick rinse and excellent straining, i have produced weed butter with virtually no taste. This is a very dangarous product indeed. You could bake this into something savoury like quiche or buns and feed it to people without them knowing they are being dosed. I dont recommend this ofcourse. Hopefully the peanut butter completely hides the weed flavor.
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    Just ate my first abv eddible, with just a mix with some pb honestly didn't taste too bad, I would love to make some butter like you have even making. Cheers brother!
    Also to that dosing people I've read news stories of kids bringing weed brownies to school field trips for everyone haha. Pretty messed up ended up getting charged with some crime can't remember.

    -Your point is as pointless as describing colors to a blind man.-
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    Start of any good cookie is butter.

    Cookie batter is chilling, i cant even tell it has weed in it.

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  8. 1 batch has yield 32 cookies. I ate 2 tester cookies about 30 minutes ago. I then ate a 3rd just now.

    Recipe has 120 grams of weed butter. Each cookie has about 4 grams of weed butter. That means i have consumed 12 grams of the abv butter. Will update.

    Dark chocolate chunks made the cookies noticeably less weed flavoured.
  9. I imagine you will start to feel it in about 45-1hr, with my quick mix eddible I felt results in a hour with a nice mellow buzz, granted I ate only around a half gram lightly toasted buds without hitting the vape. Cheers

    -Your point is as pointless as describing colors to a blind man.-
  10. I have had 4 cookies now. They taste fucking fantastic. And yes I got a solid buzz on.
  11. damn just a buzz :D ? you shoulda been flyin' brotha
    crockpot is the way to go, I think its the way of making most potent butter, as nothing ever escapes and you get a solid controlled temperature.
  12. Sooooo.

    I ate 2 cookies at 3:00pm

    45 minutes later I ate a 3rd cookie.

    I smoked a small bowl at 4:00pm

    At 5:30ish I ate a 4th cookie....

    At 7:00 pm I was sweating and very uncomfortable. I actually threw up everything in my stomach, took a cold shower and passed out. By 7:30 I was out cold. I woke up at 11:00pm groggy and trippig balls. I spent the rest of the night drifting in and out of sleep. 20 hours after the very first cookies, I can still feel the effects.

    Apparently I made space cakes in every sense of the word. I was out of my mind high. The higest I have ever been in my entire life. I was having both audio and visual hallucinations. On a scale of 1-10 i was about a 12. Fucking ridiculous.

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