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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by chronicsmokeyaz, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. i got 2.5 grams of canna butter from a friend who said he used master kush leaves my question is how much of this should i use(im putting it in soup btw) i have pics but to lazy to post
  2. BUMP the soup is almost ready, im wondering if i should put half (1.25g) or the whole this 2.5 grams??? supposedly pretty potent:p
  3. forget it put the whole 2.5 in soup wow cant wait..
  4. Depends on how potent the cannabutter is, but 2.5 grams should do the trick. Its just going to take an hour to an hour and a half for it to kick in though. Thats the only thing I dont like about eating thc is that it takes so long to kick in.
  5. Well I would of only put like .5g of butter in. A teaspoon sized.

    I wouldnt eat 2.5g of canaibutter with out knowning how strong it is.
  6. lol i hope this goes over well for ya/
  7. update us when you feel it!
  8. Im sure he is passed out by now lol. Im pretty stoned now myself and i know I will be passing out in a few after I watch a little adult swim.
  9. depends on how much you paid. i would personally split it into .5 grams per brownie, eat 2 first, then 1 more every hour. stop eating them when your good.
  10. Something tells me you ate more than you should have
  11. well all i can say is it worked im pretty blitzed and very tiredd... :smoking::smoking: ill post pics maybe tommorrow
  12. I've only eaten weed twice, once in muffins and once in a brownie. It felt like a nice high, but i was ridiculously tired when it kicked in.

    With the brownie, I actually woke up the next day with my eyes redder than I've EVER had them from smoking, and I felt insanely hungover lol But that was my first time baking and I put around 2 grams of just straight mids in a 4x4 inch brownie. Tasted like fucking crap too haha

    Point being, I hope you feel well tomorrow x] lol
  13. Yeah eating thc, the high lasts a long time but I figured you would have been passed out lol. I know I passed out as I thought an hour after I smoked lastnight.

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