Cannabus look alike?

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    I dont rly think it is weed but wtf is it then, caus ei cant find anything that looks like it?

    the area its growing in had wild hemp growing all around before they built on it.
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  2. That's pretty cool. I've seen some leafs out in the wild before that looked similiar to the cannabis plant. But it's not. Maybe it's in the same family? Or something.


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  3. It doesn't look like ditch-weed, or a cannabis plant at all.
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  4. oh yea i know its not cannabis i wanted to know what it was though for obvious reason that it looks so much like it?
  5. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  6. the only thing i cn say that has not been said is cannabis, not cannabus
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  7. throughout life, while outdside, you may see plants. that is all.
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  8. Just another plant with similar leaf shape, the pattern's not even the same.
  9. there are numerous plants, leafs of trees. that have star/hand shaped leaves.

    if its grows a bud then its probably cannabis.
  10. I found one too anyone[​IMG]

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  11. The title had me thinking of something like this. I was way off :p.

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  12. I'm still trying to figure out what that plant is myself.
    They are growing all over my neighborhood.
    I am very fascinated by the fact that many sites have pictures and info about cannabis look-a-likes, but none of them list or show this plant. In my opinion, it looks more like cannabis then the rest of the known look-a-likes.
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  13. What is "Cannabus":confused_2:
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  14. Not cannabis
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    The plant might be a variety of chestnut tree seedling. That's the most similar plant that I could find. There are a lot of plants with similar leaves, but not that many with serrated edges.
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  16. The "cannabus" by me (presumably meaning something that looks like cannabis but is not) has developed yellow flowers.
    The leaves on this plant only have three blades. None of the leaves have the two smaller leaflets at the bottom as cannabis does have.
    I have been watching them grow around the neighborhood this summer. I even pruned some to see how they reacted. Soooooooooo similar in growth patterns that it astounded me. Until they flowered I thought they might be a distant mutant cousin in the Mary Jane family. I doubt it now, but I still want to know what they are.

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  17. Looks like devil's beggar ticks to me. Check out this site for pictures and ID information. Bidens frondosa (Devil's beggar-ticks): Go Botany
  18. Japanese maple trees leaves look similar to marijuana. mainly its just hand shaped but most are purple. there are green ones though

    theres alos this plant my grandma has that grows every year that before the flower blooms, looks, smells and is textured like weed, its insane, it made me double look before, ill get pictures of it when it starts growing in the coming months

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  19. here is a picture online i found of that plant after the flowers bloom, but ill take ones myself when my grandmas plants grow

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