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Cannabodformen's Weekly Kine Pick-Up/Review Thread

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by cannabodformen, Jan 21, 2010.

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    Welcome to Cannabodformen's Weekly Kine Pick-Up/Review Thread!


    1. Be Polite.
    2. Don't type "lyke dis pleuhz!" (Ocassional 1337 talk allowed!:smoking:
    3. Check back weekly! (sometimes sooner).
    4. Have Fun!

    January 21st, 2010
    I picked up and took some pictures of my latest AK-47 pick up! It smells super funky and I am very stoked to see how it tastes!
    Dense or Fluffy: In-between
    Smell: Very fruity!
    Appearance: Very orange and hairy, with lots of THC crystals.
    Piece: 2-Chambered Bubbler
    Smoke: Fantastic. Very nice high, and very potent.
    Grade: A!

  2. great post, and great trim job on those n00gs
  3. thank you very much!
    I was too impressed with the trimming, but more impressed by the high :smoke:
  4. that is a very fine trim and cure job on those nugs. they look great. ill be checking this thread more. +rep
  5. doz b da b3st nuggz on dah bezt n da wess side of stainz
  6. freshly trimmed. lots of hair ! :smoking:

  7. Thank you all very much! In a couple of hours I'll be picking up MORE AK-47, and some NYC DIESEL! :bongin:

    Please check back within a couple of hours as I'll have pictures up of the NYC Diesel! I can taste it already!
  8. that ak looks hairy as nuts. :cool:
    how much was it?

  9. Hahaha trust me, these pictures do NOT do it any justice. I took those pictures in the dimly lit room of my house with just a kit XSi lens. Once I get my macro-lens these nugs will look amazing.

    To be fair, I got the AK for $55 an eighth. And, I can get a quarter for $100.
    Around here, prices like that don't come around very often for super-danks that are trimmed and cured this well!
    Honestly, I don't care who can get it cheaper around the world, these nuggets have been cared for by a person who I know rather well and who I trust. And, nothing is better than having that Sal and Dale Denton (Yes, I used a Pineapple Express reference) relationship with a guy who you know you can trust.
    As far as potency goes, this AK-47 might be some of the best AK I've ever smoked. The color on it is perfect, and after I took the pictures, I put the nugs back into my jar and there were orange hairs everywhere all over the white piece of paper I used to place them on.
    I have smoked a lot of marijuana in my life, and I will tell you that this strain of AK-47 is easily on my top 6 favorite buds.
  10. U live in omaha nebraska homie?

  11. Born and raised Omaha, Nebraska. Dundee is the block. What up homie?
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    Updated January 22nd, 2010

    I met up with my guy pretty early and grabbed a quarter and a half of some super dank NYC Diesel! Just by the looks of this I know I'm going to be fried:smoking:
    Dense or Fluffy: Dense! Perfectly cured!
    Smell: FuNkY!!!
    Appearance: A darker green that the AK, just as crystally and hairy!!
    Piece: Glass ILLUZION GLASS piece
    Smoke: Very good! The pipe was just cleaned so we got to taste all the Kine Bud flavor at once! It was amazing. The high hit me initially pretty low... But, within a half hour the high is ridiculous and growing.
    Grade: A+!

  13. Very nice nuggets man. Tight and trimmed just like I like em. (Among other things :p)


  14. Thank you very much!
    I agree :smoking:
  15. Me to homie pm me I've been lookin for a dank new connect
  16. Ah those are some nice looking headies. I'd be up for smoking that :bongin:

    Happy tokin! oh and +rep!
  17. omaha born n raised here as well.... sup ralston area for me. but used to live out in millard. been getting some good bud. right now I got some hashplant, tastes like shit.... but gets you lifted...

    OH! and nice buds too :p..... haven't seen any of those buds around, but I can only hope I do.
  18. I've known some dundee folk in my time......
    Nice to see another Omaha toker in the city.
  19. BTW I love the rules. :laughing:

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