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Cannabis vs Benzodiazepines for Social Anxiety Disorder

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Poverty Flats, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Along with a little will power, weed virtually cures my anxiety. It's amazing how it feels to speak to a member of the opposite sex with no reservation whatsoever, to speak to new people without the fear of humiliation. But I just can't afford to smoke that often.

    I'm wondering if anybody has experience using both benzos and cannabis to treat this problem. If so how do they compare? Now I don't mean the obvious downsides benzos have, I'm simply talking about each ones affect on social anxiety?
  2. Benzos.



    Weed makes my SAD fucking explode.
  3. I don't have any social problems, but I'm usually less likely to approach someone if I'm high. The effects I get from benzos are similar to alcohol for me, therefore I'm much more likely to talk to someone or make a sexual advance. Just my two cents.
  4. I am more so likely to make a sexual advance on benzos then I am any other substance.
  5. Wow, if benzos work better than smoking, I don't know what the hell to expect.
  6. a normal person doesnt just randomly go talking to the opposite sex to hit on them....

    smoke to feel your own way, if you wanna talk to people then smoke some green, if you wanna talk to someone and try to fuck them, then your an ass
  7. i would say mix indica and benzos but thats just me i stopped smoking cuase all we get where i live is mids and that made my SAD way way worse so now im on klonopin and its works like a charm im also on paxil tho so well see how that goes
  8. What is awesome is the fact that they* have US Patents on that combo for an ASS-LOAD of social disorders.

    * I would have to find the patent again to see who owns it, but I am really stoned at the moment.

  9. Weed does the same for me. (Obviously only if I smoke a bit, having people look at you funny or ask if you feel ok because you're stoned somewhere you shouldn't be is NOT fun :p )

    I've never looked into benzos for it, but I think I'm going to find out. I'm just sort of afraid of a response like the doctor in fight club or something.
  10. Stay away from both benzos and weed for social anxiety disorder. While benzos will do the trick they are also addictive. And weed will heighten your anxiety level. Best look into natural therapies or if you must then try SSRIs.
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    What ever happened to Propranolol? :confused:That was one of the very first drugs used for social anxiety. Besides beer, of course.:)
    I think doctors just quit perscribing certain drugs when the drug reps quit giving away coffee mugs...many older drugs work just as well.

    Biofeedback is still the safest treatment, but most insurance does not cover it.

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