Cannabis use while attending College

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  1. Sup blades:smoke:

    Just curious to see if any fellow college alumni still smoke frequently and if so what effects( Positive or negative) does it have on you're academics in college. ( if it does at all ) I have to write a paper for political science, i wont quote you or anything that could identify you. ( unless you want me to ;))
    Just give me a bref run down on how much you smoke weekly,Amounts, and do you believe smoking effects you positively or negatively relating with school, and anything else you might want to add. Doesnt have to be anywhere near the length of my detail, actually i hope you all keep it small:eek:
    I currently go no more then 1-2 days without smoking the holy.
    I have 1hour1/2 - 3 hour classes then followed always by a gap of 20-40min. Usually smoke 2 bowls between then.You just get that really good relaxed feeling. I find it very useful as a mental stress cool down after classes/work/studying. I feel that a Low Amount .3g - .4g is just enough for me to get high, But its a different kind of high. The high isn't a the same as of a high with larger amounts. It makes me focused, makes my brain think openly, as a stress/emotional level i feel like im in perfect harmony. also i have better vocabulary and writing structure. I have been to class and studied very high 1.0 - 2.0g+ before and its a lot harder for me. i cant concentrate i forget probably 1/2 the things i learn within 10min. its so annoying lol, like i had to read all these 1200 B.C documents that gay popes and kings sent back and fourth. I would read 3 pages and begin to forget what the 1st page was entirely about. I have been late before because of the timeless euphoria i was in. also it takes me a lot longer to do assignments regardless if i know the material to heart.

    So yea, im really sorry for the long post. I think its a very interesting topic for conversation. I just need some public views.:gc_rocks:

    - Thanks so much
  2. i am in college and i smoke 2-3 times a day, provided i have weed. im not gonna pretend that it helps me to do better, but it's not really making me worse either. i don't smoke if i am gonna have a big test or something like that. but right now for example i am smoking and have psych in 20 mins. that class is so easy. some classes i never smoke before like political science because i have to take good notes, and i usually start to daydream when stoned.
  3. moderation is key in college. Having a hit or two before class, or before you write a paper is a good way to stimulate your brain, get you thinking and using those neurons. However, I would also say, that I dont like getting "high" before class, its a shitty way to use your weed imo, I would personally rather be sober, or a hit or two to stimulate your mind whilst walking to class.

    Doing homework while high is not always a good idea either if you know you wont have time to correct it and go through it again. However there have been times that I have gotten home from class, smoked a big ass blunt, then realized I have a big assignment due the next day that I didnt start.

    that is just my experience though, and my classes....In my english class, I went to school baked out of my mind for a week straight while we were picking apart "The Wall" and watching it over and over again, one of my best classes ever.
  4. I smoke everyday in college. If i'm totally honest it probably doesnt do me any favours but I still get by and get the grades I need.
  5. I'm in community college with mostly one class a day so I smoke bongs a lot. Usually 2 hrs, and then a 1hr class. I'm learning some new things... Next year im going to take a philosophy elective and just come to that class *****y faced
  6. I just graduated from college this past May. I smoked just about every day, but the key is not smoking all day. I usually smoked at night after I got all my shit done, and I never went to class high because it's a waste to me. At night I would smoke about 3 bowls.

    I think it helped me have fun and relax despite all the stress from the work. It was something I used to motive myself throughout the day because the more I focused during the day, the more I could let loose at night.

    Considering I was on numerous scholarships for academics and extra-curriculars, I think I was able to be successful and productive while being a toker.

    Smoking weed throughout college is definitely positive as long as the user is responsible with it.
  7. It depends on the person, I vape all day when I have classes. Helps me pay attention where I would otherwise not even take notes. But I know how high to get for each class, like philosophy I can go sober and be able to pay attention all class, that's because I have a very high interest in it, but something like government and my mind wanders almost immediately so I have to toke a bit before.

    Studying it defiantly helps me, I don't get high however I'll just take a hit everytime I'm starting to wander. 1 trench from my MFLB will last me like 3 hours when studying.

    but it depends on how you are when you're high, I mean it sounds awesome that weed helps me keep my attention in one place and I get to be high all day but it sucks that I'm so dependent on it. but otherwise I have an incredibly hard time focusing on one thing, don't think it's a coincidence that the first year I got A's & B's was the first year I started to smoke.
  8. when i was a sophomore and freshman i would go to class baked all the time. helped and hurt. now as a junior, given the fact im still technically a sophomore, i cant be takin risks like that.

    that said, i blaze 2 times nightly

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