Cannabis Use vs Alcohol use?

Discussion in 'General' started by Rads, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. Do you guy's think smoking cannabis about as much as a social alcoholic drinker (maybe a few times a month) is more detrimental to your health? Or would you highly recommend it over social drinking?

    Personally I think cannabis would be a better alternative. But that's my opinion and there is only right and wrong. I am curious to know what you guy's think.
  2. It's the dose that makes the poison and it's much lower for booze. There won't be much difference between drinking and smoking once a week unless you're binge drinking/smoking. In that case I'd recommend weed as well
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  3. Drinking in moderation carries little risk, but that risk escalates very quickly once alcohol consumption goes past a couple drinks a day. While smoking cannabis seems to carry very little risk in mentally healthy adults, aside from some minor issues like chronic chest congestion associated with heavy smoking.

    So I guess it depends on your definition of social drinking, and whether that constitutes a couple drinks with friends, or a night (or more) of binge drinking. The general safety of marijuana over alcohol for recreational use I think could be one of its biggest (potential) benefits to society, though obviously still not a magic fix for alcoholism and similar issues. But a couple drinks with your friends (or whoever) a few times a month is no scourge on society either. Hell, if you enjoy using both socially, why have to choose between one or the other? :smoking:

    Personally, if I have to choose it will be cannabis. I imagine that will be most people's personal opinion, and that "alcohol=poison!" will be stated at least once, since this is Grasscity after all! :p
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  4. The substances you choose to use in your life are your given right. Alcohol in any form as the toxicant it is poisons the user, and the body responds by fighting it off.

    Weed can't harm any part of your body except your fragile little mind, which is not a physical construct to be harmed in any physical way.

    Poison means toxins. Carcinogens means cancer inducing agents. Weed is proven to be the only substance on earth that we have discovered in nature thus far that targets and kills unhealthy cells. What more could a skeptic want!
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  5. Ah yes I love that quote : )
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  6. Go together like a horse and carriage.
  7. I am a "I prefer the safer option" kind of guy. That's why I feel as if I need to chose. XD
  8. I agree such a fascinating plant.
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  9. Well smoking definitely feels a lot better physically. But ive realized myself that if im with a lot of people it will sometimes give me anxiety, and booze will help with that, so i usually get crossfaded.

    But if i had to pick one, I'd be mary jane for sure.

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