Cannabis use around the world.*Chart*

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  1. What about Vatican City!!! haha
  2. How the fuck are the Netherlands so low on the list?... Interesting though:)
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    Wow. Cananda should make the stripes on their flag green and change the maple leaf to a marijuana leaf. How is it possible that Canada out-tokes the U.S.? I see that as a challenge. :D

    Oh wait...


    There it is.
  4. I somehow doubt Hong Kong has Zero usage. Cannabis has been part of chinese culture forever. Not to mention Hong Kong is one the free-est place economically, I bet their is a huge booming trade, but no chinese citizens fill out forms saying yes I smoke weed because they are afraid of their tryranicall big brother government.

    No way Singapore has zero either. A huge cash crop in the Phillipines is Marijuana

  5. agreed, but how can these statistics be accurate? marijuana is illegal in most of the world, theres no way people want to admit they smoke and risk trouble or discrimination
  6. ^^ Very true, i just decided to put it up becuz it gives you some kind of idea of which countries have more tokers. :smoke:
  7. hard to believe that its very accurate but its still interesting also holland isnt that close to the top so this disproves those idiots who say taht everyone will smoke it if its legal
    where are these statistics from anyway?... (im too lazy to click on the thing u said where u found it)

  8. No way? Cash crops might be one thing, but crime in Singapore is nonexistent and taken very seriously...not only do figures of authority frown upon it but the people do, too. Things that would get you a ticket in the U.S. might get you jail time there.
  9. Interesting stuff.

    Usage rates actually went down after it became legal (well, tolerated). I'm suprised that that fact isn't used more in legalisation debates.
  10. Look up singapore canning. Death to dealers and 25 canes to your ass for usage. Its no joke over there.

  11. I went on that Omegle site once and just started out saying "Im high" and they asked if I was an American and I said yes, then asked why they asked. The reason they asked was that every person they have ever met who smoked is an American. Even though we lose in percentage to Canada, we have to beat them in raw numbers due to the population difference.

    I am part of an annual survey that will track me for life called "raising healthy children" ( my mom signed me up for it when I was like in first grade or something) and I tell the truth about my marijuana usage and have never had any problems. They use tracking numbers which can be used to tell who you are, but they don't do that. In fact the information cannot even taken by courts with a subpoena.
  12. So it would follow that with harsh penalties people would be less likely to admit they smoke it.
  13. Yea, like 16% of Canadians smoke pot. I think its double the American percentage.
    Most in the developed world! lol

    Not hard to believe though. Weed is everywhere. In places like BC, the Marijuana culture is infused with the culture of the province.
  14. Don't know what is happening in the world, I was not knowing that Cannabis is used so much around the world, specially in Canada. I think in Canada, mostly it is used for medicine purpose.
  15. ^^Canadians are some of the biggest stoners period.
    They even have a "Cannabis day" where a bunch of people go to 420 Yonge street and just smoke alllllllllll day long in the middle of a Toronto which is a big city.:smoke::smoke:

  16. I live in Hong Kong.
    To find a local chinese man or woman smoking weed is that rare. However among the english-fluent population even adults are smoking weed just like in the UK. more than half of english speaking highschoolers have smoked/smoke weed. everyone here does it
  17. Lol @ Canada being right up there. Makes sense, though.

    You can find connections pretty easily up here. Plus the laws are more lax. You can't get charged with under 3 grams :D.
  18. Yup. Canada rules, man.

    Cops aren't so gung ho about cannabis up here.

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