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Cannabis use and Pregnancy video

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by BubbleFunker, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. This question is asked all too often, so ...Just thought I'd post this video, as it has very valid info for the ladies who wish to know about cannabis and their pregnancy.
    [ame=""]Cannabis Use and Pregnancy, with Melanie Dreher, RN, PhD (Complete)[/ame]
    To know more detail, I'd suggest looking up the actual research.
  2. Excellent video. I've always kind of wondered about marijuana and pregnancy. I remember looking it awhile ago and I think I even read some of her stuff. +rep:smoking:
  3. always wondered this as well

    btw... love that she kept calling it ganja :)
  4. wow i just learned something new. thanks for posting that
  5. can anyone summarize the video for me? id watch but i dont have 30 minutes of time to devote
  6. To sum up: there is no strong evidence linking cannabis use during pregnancy or during breast feeding, and any defect in offspring outcomes.
    In fact, the Jamaican study showed some benefit.
  7. I don't think pregnant women should smoke, just vaporize or eat it
  8. Most of the women in the study ingested the cannabis, rather than smoked.
  9. Haha! "witchhunt" (7:08) describes the controversy over mj perfectly
  10. She did say that it is not definite that it does not cause any problems. But she did say they followed subjects into their early adult life's and are still continuing to, with no signs of harm. I'm no scientist but that sounds like their will never be problems that they will able to link to marijuana during pregnancy.
  11. agreed
  12. Very worth watching, even for the guys out there like me
  13. count go past 10 min that women needs speach class.
  14. Great info.

    My gf has smoked her whole pregnancy at least 2 weekends out of a month and she is about to be induced wednesday at 4am to a perfectly developed, healthy boy.
  15. great vid, rep~~!
  16. Hey, aren't you the same guy that saw Chuck Norris coming out of a fishbowl yesterday?

    Call Dominoe's, start the video, and watch while you wait for your munchies to arrive!

    Just trying to help you multi-task, mang. :D

    Cool lecture, but she could use a speech writer...
  17. Thank you for sharing that! props for sure.

    I watched the whole thing and I learned a lot. It is really good information to have in your mind for those who are so anti-medicinal marijuana, something to tell those who are not open minded enough to do research.

    Thanks again

  18. + Rep, GOHNJUH.

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