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  1. Hi, everybody. This is my plant at vegetative stage day 28. It could have been grown more but she had some lack of light and no oxygen at some times. She lives in a basement garage with little to no ventilation andonly have a pc fan to produce air and oxygen.and 2 usb lightbulbs at 3w each connected to a car battery via an inverter. I started training it and trimmed some unnecessary leaves from the bottem so the side leaves get some light but noticed the brown colour on the leaves and it is not growing so fast.

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  2. Ok so buy co2 bags

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  3. That is probably the most ghettoly rigged rig I have ever seen in my life, and I have seen aaaaalot of ghetto ass rigs since starting my business setting up high tech grow ops. This takes the cake though. The part where you said " I have a PC Fan to produce Oxygen" followed by " 2 USB Lightbulbs at 3w each connected to a CAR BATTERY via an inverter" for a grand total of 6 Watts? There is an app on the google store called WISH, its like the Dollar Store of the world. Type in "Grow Light" and order any $1 - $5 grow light on the list and you will see signifigantly better results. What is your temps? Humidity? Its extreeemely small for Day 28 and the environment you listed will produce nothing but dirty, dusty, popcorn kernel sized nugs, pre popped. Order a light, small enclosure of some kind and a $10 roll of Reflective Mylar, make your own Enclosure somehow, open air grows with that small of a light will produce nothing of value. Not trying to be mean or fececious, just honest. Would rather see you spend your time growing something worthwhile instead of wasting it on whatever that is. Recipe for a hermie anyway, you'll end up with a half budding deformed plant homie.

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  4. Why are you trying to train fan leaves? You want to train branches that will bud... either way with your lighting if you try to flower this plant you might get .3-.5 grams

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  5. Even with just a couple 23 actual watt cfl bulbs will do you better than what you've got now. I had 6 23 watt cfls on one plant for veg and my way about twice the size of yours by 14 days. Better to invest a little more money and get a decent yield than to make yourself mad after 3 or 4 months for nothing.
  6. It will never grow fast in oxygen deprived saturated soil. You need more light, a better environment, and better soil - otherwise you're wasting your time.
  7. I'm no grow expert (never grown myself but know a lot of people that have) even I can say your set up is shocking USB fan and lights, you'll have more results if you stood there blowing the plant with your breath :lmafoe:
  8. If you want to keep it small and use very few supplies I recommend trying a space bucket. If I Knew about this method I would have started alot earlier than I did. It's really cheap and great for limited space.

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  9. Dude your post made me tear up with laughter. Very true though.

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  10. I still think hes trolling the forum.

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