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Cannabis Toxicity Problems

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by FriedFriend, Aug 22, 2019.

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    I wanted to share my experience. I've smoked marijuana frequently for the past 10 years. Last week Monday, after over a week of not smoking anything or using any cannabis products, I got a new strain of weed ('blue cookies' apparently) which was quite strong. I smoked a joint of it before sleeping, went to bed and everything was fine. The next day (Tuesday) I smoked some more and had a decent sized joint before going to bed. I was high. So I went to sleep. About an hour later I woke up with a full on panic attack, difficulty breathing. This continued all throughout the night and I could not sleep at all. All I could do was pace around my apartment. The next day everything I was completely exhausted but had some errands to do. I wanted to get an early night because I was so tired from no sleep. So I smoked a joint before sleeping. Went to bed, and again, woke up with an even worse panic attack, but the same kind of thing, feeling difficulty to breathe. I threw out the rest of my weed and went to the hospital, where they said it was just a panic attack from the marijuana.

    I thought it would go away but it didn't. Every night since then I have had the panic attacks waking me up, although they do slowly seem to get less bad as time goes on. I took another week off using any cannabis. I was still getting the night time panic attacks a week later, so decided to buy some CBD products, as these are supposed to STOP panic attacks. I vaped some CBD (no THC) last night and used a two squirts of the oil under my tongue. After vaping the CBD weed I felt so chill and relaxed. "Finally" I thought, "I can chill". 45 minutes of total chillness were followed by the awful sickly panic feeling coming back, as well as an uncomfortable pressure feeling under the muscles (which I sometimes get from strong cannabis). The awful feelings lasted all night but I managed to get some sleep towards the morning.

    Now, I do have a history of Cannabinoid Hyperemesis symptoms, which I have been able to control by not smoking huge amounts all the time and decreasing frequency. Usually that manifested with acid reflux and stomach and intestinal problems, but never actually vomiting. Years ago I had those problems more. This however is new, and seems to be some kind of mutation of CHS, as I do still get relief from the hot baths (had about 3 last night). It all seems to be some kind of Cannabinoid toxicity in the brain, possibly the hypothalamus as I've read. Both these panic / breathing symptoms that I'm getting now even from the CBD, as well as the CHS abdominal symptoms I was getting before. I wish I did not have this because I love pot so much. But If it continues I will obviously have to stop for good. A century of having cannabis illegal has made things worse as it has prevented medical scientists from studying the effects of cannabis on the human body. There's no point in going to a normal doctor about these issues because they don't know anything about it which makes it even more frustrating. Maybe there are some specialist Cannabis doctors who actually know a thing or two about these problems. While these symptoms I've described don't necessarily fit the archetypical CHS case I do believe it falls under the umbrella of cannabis toxicity. It is also interesting that the CBD causes it the same. Perhaps it is the CBD which causes it. Wish we knew more. But I love weed. Will be very depressed if I have to stop for good, but it looks like I will.

    All the best guys,
  2. I would see a dr. I don’t think there are any here. I have a cannabis dr if you want his name.
  3. Yes If he's an expert on cannabis use I would like to talk with him over the phone. PM me with his number. Normal doctors don't know anything about this sort of thing.
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    Your consuming too much THC in one sitting which can cause many different anxiety related symptoms. All products of your body and mind being flooded with too much THC at one time. Quick question. Why, after a decent break, do you feel the need to consume a whole joint of high grade bud? Try going slow and see how it goes. 1 hit of decent bud has me medicated for hours, a whole joint would really f me up.

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  5. Ok, just ask the anything no matter the state.
  6. Ok but what about the fact that the CBD stuff caused the same reaction? Wouldn't that indicate that it's CBD and not THC causing it? It could be both of course...
  7. Also why is it lasting for over a week after stopping completely? Symptoms predominate at night when trying to sleep.
  8. I question whether you actually have CHS, or simply a version of CVS.
    I'm a marijuana medical researcher and work directly with several neurologists here in the NY-Area. We see misdiagnosis all the time.

    Do you get these issues even without the usage of marijuana?
    Logistically would need more demographic info to appropriately help as well such as your age and such- but I don't believe that's appropriate over a forum board.
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    Age 24. Male. And no the symptoms seem to be marijuana related, and I do notice a slow decline in the symptoms after cessation. I don't have vomiting which is why I called it cannabis toxicity and not CHS or CVS. Don't really have much gastro-problems atm. The night time panic attacks have been continuing (getting less and less) after stopping marijuana but they did continue for a week after the first big episode over a week ago (last tuesday). As soon as I tried the CBD stuff last night it rebounded badly. Exercise and 'sweating it out' seems to help. Last night I took a really hot bath and sweat enormously and then after that I felt better and was able to sleep somewhat.
  10. I sent you a PM

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