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Cannabis strain question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BudBrother, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. So how do you know what type of plant you have if you received the seeds from a friend who doesn't know what they were smoking?
  2. you either become a cannabis connoisseur or meet one. other then that good luck knowing at all.
  3. sativas usually have skinny leaves and indicas have em fat and big. It all depends on the look of the buds and its hard to t ell if your not experienced.
  4. there is no real way to tell, i can almost guarantee that if someone grew out some ak-47 you could find another plant that looks almost identical with a different strain name. the only way to know is to buy the seeds online.
  5. Don't let anyone fool you man. Unless you get the seeds from a reputable seed dealer or you get clones from a reputable clone dealer, you cannot be sure of what you're getting. You can tell given certain characteristics of the plant weather or not it is sativa or indica dominant, but only which is more dominant, not the exact sativa/indica ratio. Not even cannabis conneseurs can tell you exactly what some strain is. They can proabably get a lot closer than most, but a real conneseur will admit it's impossible to tell for sure.

    Grow it, clone it. If you like the smoke, keep cloning and name it whatever the fuck you want! You grew it! Enjoy bro, and don't forget- it only matters what you think of it.
  6. Thanks thats the best thing I've ever heard.
  7. ya thats real good advice man +rep
  8. well you would have to grow them out...

    the leaves and growth characteristics will tell you if it is Indica/sativa/afghanica

    or a cross
    and in which case it will show you what its dominant side it

    Sativa is thin leaves and tall lanky growth

    indica is wider leaves and more bushy

    afghanica is VERY wide leafs and bushy


    iduno man do your homework and this will come naturally after a bit
  9. afghanica?!?! Lolololol!
  10. Afghanica is just an indica from afghanistan.
    and there is no way of identifying your strain, theres 1,000's of strains out there. It may even be an un-named strain,

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