Cannabis Stigma in the UK

Discussion in 'General' started by Ridderz, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. Why does the government continue to use scaremongering tactics against the public?
    Cannabis has and continues to be legalized around the world because of the scientific evidence that it is even less dangerous than Alcohol and Tobacco.
    What is the danger to at least legalizing it medically?

  2. Stupidity of some users have terribly ruined things for us in the past. I am personally not in a legal state within the U.S. But I use mostly for medical reason and desperately with I could get it as a legal med. I am not sure why it is frowned upon so much but I do feel that we are on the tail end of the movement. I think that if more states within America becomes legal that it will become federally legal and with that I think it could be a worldwide change. Trends seem to follow the states. Now I don't feel that we will get full on legalization for a long time but I do feel that it will happen.

    I know my grammar sucks and well I just don't care. For those who don't like it you should not have wasted your time reading.

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  3. Because America hasn't done it yet and Europe just emulates the US now.

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  4. because they KNOW that at this point scare tactics, slander and out-rightly lying are ALL they have.
    the ships coming round, blades. and they're all on the dock waiting for it.
    chin up
  5. This is your answer. I guarantee you when the US finally makes weed legally federal, Europe will quickly follow suit.

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