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Cannabis solved throat problems!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by LFchange, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. I just got over a cold a couple of days ago, but my throat is still really irritated and I cough a lot with mucus coming up that I have to spit out... :mad: Anyways... After smoking cannabis all those problems are gone, not sure if it's just while you smoke or if the problems will come back, but nonetheless evidence to me of the medicinal value (Even when smoked, can't imagine hemp oil!!).
  2. THC is an expectorant, that is substance that breaks up and thins mucus.

    In completely unrelated news, I briefly had a welding job that cured recurring nose bleeds I'd had for a year.
  3. lol, did the opposite for me. My voice was all scratchy.

    I was hitting a bong.
  4. I'm getting over the flu right now, my throat has been very sore / haven't been able to toke for a week, which is the longest I've gone in almost 2 years. It does seem to help my throat in a way (less fluid in the cough, more dry, but possibly coughing a little more often.)
  5. Whenever I have a really bad sore throat I go get cannabis infused honey from my club - $15 for something like 2 ounces, and I use it as a sweetner in this berry infusion tea-like drink that I get at Coffee Bean, and it works WONDERS on my throat.
  6. The smoking provided temporary relieve, but like said with the honey, and other forms of taking in the medicine without the smoke is win! I wish I had another method of consuming it that was readily available, but even just smoking has proved to have so many benefits that I, myself was never aware of and everyone should know!

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