Cannabis smoke and the cannabis plant?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by BudJuanaMan420, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. does cannabis smoke when its in the grow box of the weed plant does the smoke to anything for the plant?
  2. by the way if thats worded wrong im incredibley stoned off of some of finished product i got and its the same strain im growing
  3. I think your asking if smoking with your plant does anything for it. This gets asked so often. Why would smoke help a plant? Just think about it man....
  4. That is so very true, but dw mate i thought the same thing a while ago.
    I even heard that pouring your nice used bong water onto ur plant helps but i havent tried it, i prefer to stick to traditional methods, ones that work!

    The Duck.

    Edit- true as in gets asked alot ( just to save confusion :) )
    in other words no it dosent.
  5. Imagine if you have a baby and a blow smoke on it do you think the baby is going to grow right? Hell no. And bong water is a nasty foul smelling substance, use clean water.
  6. i can understand how bong water could help a plant.
  7. Please don't pour your bong water on plants. It's very bad for them -_-;;;
  8. Why? i'm just wondering.
  9. I would'nt recommend putting a baby in a buucket full of bubbling water either. LOL Sprry cooulnt resist.
  10. absolutely nothing mate, in fact detrimental to your plant as it needs oxygen.

    you set up a enviroment within your grow area,plants love stability in their enviroment INDOORS, & then plod in with a joint in your mouth puffing TOXIC FUMES :rolleyes:.............................

    hope helps, peace............:smoke:

  11. That made me laugh hysterically.
  12. wouldnt the cannabis smoke provide CO2?
  13. CO2 will help plants grow, obviously, and there is CO2 not only in the smoke, but in your expelled breath as well. Nevertheless, any CO2 in the room will be absorbed by the plant anyway and I don't really see how blowing on it would provide it with any more. The tar and other crud in the smoke may coat the leaves, impairing photosynthesis. Other than coating the leaves with denuded resin, it probably won't impart any potency gains to the plant either
  14. There is more substance in the smoke that would clog the stomata pores on the plant that it uses to take up fresh CO2 than there is good CO2 in a bong rip. This is the opposite of beneficial. Do you like it when some one blows a stone cold hit right in your face? Well even if you do, the plant doesn't.

    And seriously, do not use the bong water you used to filter out resin and various CARCINOGENS when you smoked your bowl to water your plants. Anyone who suggests watering with bong water is propagating bad advice.

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