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cannabis sleeve tattoo

Discussion in 'Tattoo, Piercings and Body Art' started by Bdub, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. I am in California and I have my mmj card. I am 40 and have been smoking since I was 13. So I have always loved marijuana. I decided to advertise it on my skin. I have tattoos already but my whole right arm is uninked. I talked to the artist today and it's going to be sick. It going to start with a seed and end in buds. I'm getting it started Thursday.
  2. sounds sick man:hello:
  3. That sounds awsome
  4. yeah that definately sounds sick, cant wait to see some pics of it
  5. We expect pics from inception to completion.
  6. haha you got it. trying to make the cover of high times with this one.
  7. sounds awesome man, deff need some pics wen its done :)
  8. cool, pics when complete
  9. Yeah, do it man.

    I can't see ANY downside to getting a marijuana themed tattoo on a visible part of your body...
  10. the guy has been smoking 27 years. i doubt he cares if people know he smokes .
    plus he is a med patient so he is showing his love for the medicine that helps get him through the days.
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    What an asshole

    Name-calling isn't cool here. -JD
  12. please post pics of your ongoing ink project!!
  13. For sure! Post pics of each time you get work done til it's complete :D that'd be sick. Sounds like it's gonna be awesome!
  14. when i worked at a tattoo shop no one there would tattoo any drug related pictures on to me. they said i was to young and it would look poorly to job opportunities.

    im thankful for that. im 25 and heavily tattooed with tattoos i cant fully cover. its so hard for me to find a job but then again i would never want to work in a place that puts an emphasis on looks over job ability.

    eventually i want to get a marijuana related tattoo but i guess not until i get life completely rolling.
  15. What if the job is a combination of looks AND job ability.

    My arms are nice and tatted up, but I I work in the wedding industry so, even in the summer, I have to where my long dress shirt at all times.

    I say go for it, if it's right for you and your situation. Fuck the stigma. I don't think I'll get a cannabis related tattoo in the foreseeable future...but maybe some day.
  16. That's awesome man. I want a picture when it's done.
  17. Do want work in progress pictures.
  18. Thanks for the support. No, I don't care who sees it. I am always talking about mj to non smokers and people who still don't get it. I am starting a grow at the same time the tattoo is started. It is and always has been a part of my life. Without medical marijuana I could quite possibly be in an institution by now. I moved to Ca., and stayed in Ca. because of the marijuana tolerance here. I owe my life to this plant. She can have my arm. First picture post should be Thursday night. I am a husband, father and gainfully employed citizen.
  19. Then wear your ink with pride, sir.

    It sounds fucking awesome.
  20. QFT.

    Can't wait to see pics of it.

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