Cannabis should be legal to grow; illegal to sell.

Discussion in 'General' started by xbelle, May 30, 2009.

  1. All right, maybe not illegal to sell because sometimes I would be too lazey to grow, but seriously.

    If you make it much more accessible, it would stop being so much of a cash-crop and the price would drop. Even the related crimes would drop, because there would be no point of smuggling it, you can just grow your own.

    There should be laws similar to alcohol related to it, perhaps, and an age limit.

    What do you think?
  2. this actually part of the decision at hand in the whole legal matter. age limits, and just as one would with alcohol and ciggs.
  3. I think this is the same thing that's been posted as many times as "OMG is mai weed laiced wit LSD?!" :eek: Preachin to the choir...

  4. Haha, yeah I bet that's true.

    I'm new to smoking, so new to all these little revelations.

    It make so much sense! Why hasn't it happened?! D:​
  5. to tell you the truth, i dont want weed to be legalized because the government will tax the shit outta it. i mean c'mon, if they do im probably gonna be paying like $30 for a gram. and thats not coool.

    even if its legal, ill probably still buy from my dealers. i wont buy it from the government. i support my local businesses.
  6. Yeah, I don't really think the government should be the manufacturers, nor a monopoly be allowed. Marijuana should be grown and sold locally by dealers, but also able to be imported.
  7. there's no reason it would be taxed that much. I think I remember someone mentioning a $50/oz tax somewhere. so maybe $2/gram? $30/gram is retarded

    if it's legal and you buy from dealers, then you'll get no sympathy if you get busted. do you buy moonshine from your neighbors instead of taxed alcohol as well? :p
  8. well, i mean 30$ total for a gram.

    $2, lol yeahhh right.
  9. wtf?? legalizing it in this country and allowing it to be imported would just support drugs grown and trafficked by criminal organizations... pretty much the opposite of what we want to have happen. it needs to be legalized and regulated like tobacco/alcohol, tax it, restrict it to adults only (18+, not the 21+ bullshit for alcohol; I say this because there is some evidence of negative effects on developing teenage brains when on drugs, and at least if it's age restricted then it's less ammo for the "you're giving drugs to kids!!!!11" r-tard argument), and limit prohibition to legitimate growers, like the shops up in Canada. I can't say to prohibit import of it because they do have good stuff up there, but the stuff coming from Mexico and down south isn't the kinda shit we need to be patronizing.
  10. yeah, $2 TAX. not $2 total :rolleyes: are you paying $28/gram? if legalized, the prices won't be going up, they'll be going down. simple supply and demand....increase supply with demand stable or increasing, prices go down. prices now are high because the demand is high and supply is relatively low
  11. lol, you miss re-read what i wrote.

    i meant the tax added will only be $2! and since i live in Cali and our debt is screwed up, theyll tax it even more. ya know. so who knows how much theyll tax it here.

    i pay $15 for my gram.
    for $20 i can get 1.5

  12. That's not what I ment. In locations that are unable to grow their own and don't utilize indoor growth methods or when a location has better stuff, lol, then you can order it from there.

    Yeah, said that too.

    Your first sentence is kind-of what I ment about making it able to be imported. I guess I should have said purchased from a distance?

    High right now. Whoooosh. I might disagree with myself later but that's what I'm thinking right now, haha.
  13. Why the hell should it be illegal to sell? It should be legal period. If someone wants to buy it why the fuck should it be illegal to sell?

    It always makes me laugh when idiots say they don't want weed legal, because "the prices will be outrageous and it will get taxed to shit." If you said something like that, your an idiot that don't know jack shit what your talking about.

  14. Yeah said I didn't mean that in the first sentence, lol. Forgot people don't always read threads.

    But yeah your right.
  15. you dont live in california, i do. (i assume)

    and with our enormous debt that will not go down anytime sooon, they'll tax the shit outta it. just like their doing to cigs.
  16. sure, they will tax it, but you have to realize that there is a limit on how much people will pay. your thoughts are proof of this. would you have a problem, though, paying the taxes when the price of the bud dropped? I can assure you, if it were legalized, the prices we pay now would not be charged or paid, simply because, as I've said, the prices are high only because of the fact that it is illegal.
    make it legal, supply goes up and even if demand goes up, prices will still drop. so even though taxes will add onto the price, there is no way in hell you'll be paying $15/g before tax
  17. At risk of sounding like an uninformed idiot: California has a huge debt?

    I'm going there for two weeks this summer, the farthest I've ever been from home. (FL)

    I can't believe I didn't know anything about that. Going to have to look it up now,
  18. ^Ok, go get arrested for growing and see what costs you more.

    You must not move much, you just stay in Cali all the time?

  19. lol, CA has an ENORMOUS debt (billions). though I'm for legalization and taxation to help generate revenue to pay the debt, I have a far bigger issue with the fact that we even operate with debts like this in the first place. there are a LOT of people being paid a LOT of money for doing a whole lot of fuck-all in the state, and everything is just plain ass-backwards. what REALLY pisses me off is that the education funding is continually cut, it's costing more and more to get an education when it should be the exact opposite

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