Cannabis Seed Germination Breakthrough

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    Hey growbuddies

    Ive been reading here and on some of the other forums about poor germination rates. Its a problem i used to have. I can be sorta cheap and when i started buying storebought seeds, it just killed me to pay $10 bucks for a seed and watch it lay there in my paper towels and never sprout. It was just too much when i started buying premium seeds at $20=30 bucks each so i sat out determined to fix the problem, especially when you consider that dead seed was going to produce a lb of smoke worth $3000 bucks. I was loosing sleep..

    After 2 years of reading and research at our Universitys Ag library, i created a small device that has given me 100% generation for may last 120+ packs of seeds. Not a single seed failure in 12 years. I would like to share that device with those who might want to use it. It will change your life and it is without exception the most important piece of growing equipment i own......

    AND IT COST $25 TO MAKE IT.!!!!!

    First, let me explain the concept. My research led me to a realization: Cannabis seeds, and the seeds of many other plants germinate at temps between 76 anf 80 degrees farenheit. The farther the temps drop below 76, the slower the seeds will germ untii about the temp of 68 in which they wont germinate at all. At 82, the seeds wont ever germinate.

    Cannabis roots also form in cloning between 76 and 80 with the same principle. Below 76 and roots will come slow, above 80 and roots are slow if at all.


    1. A 2 -3 gallon clear plastic storage tub ($3)M
    2. A smaller, sandwhich sized tupperware plastic box ($2)
    3. A cleaning size antibacterial sponge, ($2)
    4. A self setting aquarium heater ($7 at WalMart)
    5. An aquarium thermometer, ($1.50)

    The larger tub is fillled 1/2 way with water and the aquarium heater is placed in the larger tup and allowed to heat the water to a temp of 76 degrees, confirmed by your aquarium thermometer which is also in the larger tub. The little preset heater is set for 76 degrees. It seems thats the temp for fish as well.

    The sponge is cut in half or buy 2 and the seeds will be placed in between the 2 sponges. The sponge unlike paper towels, allows air to the seed and keeps water away from them. The seeds are subjected to moisture between the sponges but not water. The sponges should be saturated but not dripping.

    The sponges go in the sandwhich tupperware box and the top placed on it and then it is place floating in the 76 degree water. In short order, the sponges and the moistrue in the sponges are also at 76 and thats where the seeds are at.

    The consitent temperature, water and air will quickly germinate any viable seed placed in it. With this method, 90% of indica seeds will germinate and pop within 18 hrs and all will have popped within 24. Long flowering equatorial sativa's which are very hard and moisture resistant can take up to 72 hrs but most will pop within 48.

    This little contraption is the most important device i own. I can buy single seeds and pop them all day long.

    I hope you will try it. It will change your seed purchasing life.
  2. Wow looks pretty nice! Do you have any links for the heater to buy online?
  3. When u were having those problems germing were they by a heat source? I put mines on top of my tv box and i have had a good germ rate

  4. Outsidebaker, i bought mine at walmart for $7. Its a very common little device and every fish/pet store in the US sells them. Im sure you could order it online, but shipping would probably cost you more than the heater cost. Stop by the local pet shop/walmart.
  5. Well, yes. In fact, over a 2 year period i tried heating mats and other approaches but there simply is no approach that has the same result as holding the temp steady at 76 degrees without variation. You can have good results if the temps are right with other approaches but the differnce here is between good results and perfect results. If you noticed, i havent purchased a non viable seed in over 12 years and nearly 120 packs of seeds.. Not one.

    I searched, researched and tested but there is no other method that can produce those kind of results that i have found..
  6. Sounds good, similar to how you incubate mushroom spores.
  7. Thank you so much for this! I just have a couple questions. So do the tupperware containers need to have the tops on them? Also you just put the seeds in between two sponges essentially? Or do you cut the sponge to where you can put the seed inside it? Let me know if that doesn't make sense. Thanks!
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    High Ty!

    Yes, i put the seeds in the smaller sandwich box, put the lid on that box and then put the lid on the larger box. The lid helps prevent temperature variation.

    I put the seeds between 2 sponge pieces. I buy Cell-o antibacterial sponges - 2$ and i usually slice the sponge in half but you can just buy 2 sponges and put the seeds between them. The sponges are important because they allow the seed to obsorb moisture without drowning them. When checking to see if germination has occurred, one only has to lift the top sponge and look. This doesnt disturb the seed.

    Every person that ive shown this device and is using it, swears by it. Its really a comfort to know the every seed you put in it will germinate, no exceptions.

    I wouldnt even consider germinating any other way simply because i know of know other way that gaurantees a 100% germ rate 100% of the time. This device does.

    PS. I micorwave my sponges between germs just to make sure i dont have any bacteria.
  9. I'm normally a papertowel germination kinda guy, but with my new grow log/project posted up, I'm looking to experiment with some other methods and I think I might give something like this a shot.
    I've never really been disappointed by the OG papertowel method.
    I'll try 10-20 seeds each method and compare germ. rates!
  10. I'm currently at 100% with just straight to soil, guess i'm lucky though.

    The sponge idea is great imo, i would have gone for 78f but if 76f works i wont complain!

    I may use this in future grows, or something similar. I like the sponge idea alot.
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  11. Hey man your tutorial is pretty solid. But just to help people out I would try and get pictures. Pictures help explain everything and they are also proof for anything! Like the saying: Pictures are worth 1000 words! Then this tutorial would be solid as hell!
  12. Clod... Wouldnt it be easy to just spend 20$ on a seedling heat mat. they sell them at most gardening centers. put a cup of water on top of the heat mat drop seeds in and presto pop go the seed.
  13. YOur right WagreenGuru, but taking pics is so much work for those of us without any photograhpy skills. .... and after uploading my avitar, i forgot how to upload. Some folk claim its the drugs. sorry bastards.

    Firehose, any method that controls the temp in the 76 degree area is a major improvement over depending on paper towels and the house, or water heater temps, but i tried a seedling mat and it didnt work well. It had no thermostat - maybe it was a cheapy, but the box is so consistent and seeds so expensive. I got my order of Jherrer seeds yesterday and with shipping they were 260$. Shit man, i cant be takin chances on those dope seeds. I need 10 plants.
  14. Excellent. Thanks for the reply, man! I could go on about how using the paper towel method "works for me," but I don't have my ego attached to it, and if this is tried & tested with perfect results, i'm going with it hands down. Besides, you can't beat pure science, and that is clearly how you arrived at this method. Thanks again!
  15. clodhopper...

    ridiculous idea man!! I am on the way to wall-mart in a few minutes, the idea is great and seems very logical.

    Thanks for your sharing your set-up, like most of us, I don't have the time or the patience to deal with unsuccessful germination. This handy little device is going to make life much easier for a lot of us!

    Good luck to you and thanks again

  16. almost every seedling heat mat is made to get way too hot, hence, they get you to spend another $20 on the heat mat thermostat and control gauge...everyone has their own favorite methods, what ever method is required to get 100% germination rates out of your seeds, I would recommend using that cant fault the guy for using his brain a little though...and the idea, scientifically, sounds perfect.

    Their are many ways to properly germinate seeds, just find a way that allows you to rest easy at night and go from there. :D
  17. Simply fantastic, thank you.

  18. I gotta disagree here. Cannabis germinates at 76 degrees farenheit. If your medium remains constant at that temp, the seeds will germ under about any scenario. If the temps are more than 5degrees either way, and the seeds may never germinate reguardless of the method used.
  19. [quote name='"clodhopper"']

    I gotta disagree here. Cannabis germinates at 76 degrees farenheit. If your medium remains constant at that temp, the seeds will germ under about any scenario. If the temps are more than 5degrees either way, and the seeds may never germinate reguardless of the method used.[/quote]

    I agree..I like your sponge and heated water method..already went to wall-mart and got mine set-up.. thx for the idea man..props to u
  20. i put the seeds between moist hand towelettes on a plate then wrap the plate with saran wrap. the plate then sits on my sons wii. the wii creates a ton of heat and within a day, 4 of the 9 seeds have cracked open. i planted them in plastic cups w/ saran wrap over the cups. one of the cracked seeds is erect in the soil. pretty neat for my first time germing.

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