cannabis seed banks and international shipping?

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  1. ive been looking into buying cannabis seeds online what is recommended and do they actually get to you if they are shipped internationally?
  2. Yes they do come to you from anywhere.. I think most seed banks will not deliver to like only 3 or 4 countries... I love a site called nirvana has some great cheap strains I really like the Chrystal they have... comes discreet with no indictive info on it(say OH YEAH) on the pkg.. HA HA and will come in a variety of ways.. right in your letter box.. if you havent setup grow then send them where you live otherwize have a friend recieve.. I use money order in most case for no trail.. but they take so long to get there and then get too you... that go with someone I trust and get a walmart visa or something without your name and they will take that..... Thirty somethin bucks bro like 22 back in the day
  3. Would cash be safe too? How long does it take from the time you order your seeds to the time you receive them?
  4. i live in the states and used a visa giftcard you can get at most malls...the simon giftcards there called, i recieved my seeds in 3 days once and 4 days the next time...but one time they came ripped open and everything was gone..The Dr. replaced them asap:D
  5. damn that sucks, dr chronic doesn't send to my country!
    just as i was drooling over some of the strains:(
    anyone know a seed bank that sends to New Zealand?
  6. Now whats wrong with the seeds from grasscity is not reliable?
  7. i have a friend that gives seeds out for donations. He is a medical marijuana patient and sends wherever. if you cant find anything let me know. . i have like 100 of em in my freezer right now even. Bomb strains. check the site. patients helping medical marijuana flourish. OVERGROW THE GOVERNMENT
  8. this should have been posted in seedbanks i think
  9. yeah i just realized that how do you move it?

    and dude, your site 404's for me
  10. I believe New Zealand is a very strict country when it comes to that. so im not sure
  11. Seeds are best kept in a cool dark place, should not be frozen.

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