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Cannabis Science: Indica or Sativa? Heres How to Know

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by steephilllab, Jan 23, 2014.

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    The amount of Myrcene in a cannabis sample is what dictates the indica or sativa effect. If a sample has over 0.5% Myrcene than it will have the indica, or couch-lock effect. If a sample has less than the 0.5% level of Myrcene, it will have the soaring Sativa effect. It is simply the amount of myrcene that is in the sample that dictates how you will be effected.
    \nNext time you get your cannabis tested, get a terpene test on your flower or oil and see if that OG you are running is sativa or indica dominant. This is a fun way of knowing more about your medicine and also a good way to decide if something is gonna be a good nighttime or daytime medicine.
    \nSee original post: Steep Hill Halent Laboratories
    Also reference: ChemSpider
    Girl Scout Cookies Cannabinoid and Terpenoid profile. Note the beta-Myrcene levels indicating a sativa dominant hybrid:  

  2. this post has me confused. I always thought sativa and indica had to do with the balance of thc and cbd, not myrcene or whatever. Would you care to elaborate what myrcene even is? As i've never even heard of it. How does myrcene make it an indica or sativa? Sorry, i just fail to see the correlation between myrcene and what type of weed it is. But, i'm by no means a chemist or anything so this could be news to me.
  3. yes please
  4. I've always been curious about the actual scientific basis that would account for the difference in reported effects between Indica and Sativa. The role of terpenes is intriguing in general; I've only recently become aware of their existence and would like to learn more -- though it seems as if more comprehensive/credible/accessible research is needed.
  5. I've found that vaporizing cannabis has made me aware of the terpenes in every strain. if you vape right it will start at low temp and then start getting hotter as the session unfolds. the low temp is the flavor highway and those terps sur r good!! once they vape off of the plant matter then the taste will start to have a more burned flavor. if there were someway for us to have access to terpines only that would be so awesome and smell so good, like a terpine concentrate or something.

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