Cannabis-Related Character Names

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    Hey guys!!

    After leaving Runescape for about 5/6 years, i logged in just to see what it was like and i ended up playing it again, looking to make a ranger in which i want a weed-related name, i've seen a few like 'the chronic' and 'Crispy Buds' etc.
    But i'm assuming the community of GrassCity could supply me with a sick one, remember, the obvious ones will be taken :)

    Any input is appreciated, thanks :)

    Edit: Runescape names can have Letters, numbers, spaces and dashes and underscores but i want to stay away from the last 2 :)
  2. I wasted 3rd to like 8th grade on Runescape and don't plan on going back but use a name like a cool strain or something, I always thought "Tahoe og" was the coolest name.
  3. Burnout

    Dat Kush

    Dat Dro

    Dat Good

    Dat Bud

    Dat Chronic

    Dat Reefer

    Dat Weed

    Dat Marijuana
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  5. Stoned420

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  7. Smokey_McPot
  8. I named my mass effect character Ganja Fett.

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