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    Last month WeedHire, a website that connects the cannabis industry with jobseekers, published their quarterly report on industry job growth. With the full legalization of 2 more states and the District of Colombia since that report, there will undoubtably be another bump in industry job offerings through the end of the year. WeedHire's report says that they expect the job market to grow nearly 700% over the next five years.
    It's not just budtenders, trimmers, and growers that are expanding job growth in the sector either. WeedHire has job listings like state employed research scientists, tax technicians, and attorneys. Most commonly, jobs range in the 30k to 50k annual salary range, but the website says that they've seen several job postings with starting salaries above six digits.
    Still, administrative and sales functions like budtending make up more than half of WeedHire's job listing this last quarter with most of the listings coming from California, Colorado, Washington, and Washington. No doubt that Oregon will be amongst the top job offerers in the coming months.
    With the marijuana industry expected to reach $10.2 Billion over the next five years, there is not a hint of doubt that the sector will continue to offer job growth for Americans. Keep an eye out in early January another promising quarter of job growth from the marijuana industry.

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  2. Has anyone taken a course at Oaksterdam University in Oakland,CA. I'm thinking about taking the indoor horticulture course, I live 2 hrs away so it won't be a bad of a drive. instead of attending the class I could save that money and use it for my equipment expenses.
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    You would be better taking the classes at a jr college and save you about half the money.
    They are a scam.
    I am finishing my minor in plant science right now and could not be happier with the classes I took.
  4. Yeah, oaksterdam u is a scam. If I were you I would save the money and invest it in some books and equipment... not to mention grass city has a ton of good info.
  5. Just checked the junior ollege. they also offer a plant scince class.
  6. Really what a bummer. I was looking the indoor horticulture seminar. This forum awsome, ive learned so much from this website. Im also reading the grow bible book.
  7. I started with the cannibus grow bible by greg green (i think, it's been a while), it was a great book and the perfect one to explain the basics.  Jorge Cervantes has some good books too, and I highly recommend those.  Yeah, buy your own lights, equiptment and everything you would need and screw oaksterdam.  If you are worried about growing pot, just grow tomatoes instead and you will learn the same concepts.
  8. That is the way to go. I have leanered so much more then any of those grow books have to offer. Down the the cellular level of plants.
    Alright cool!. I already took a plant scinece class about 1 year ago, but i did not pay much attention. This time around its a different story.  
    I have the same book, as well. I have read the grow bible about 3 times already . I plan on purchasing the ed rosenthal book, any thoughts on the book?
  11. learn all you can to relate our endocannabinoid system to the cannabinoid. that is a huge connection just growing in our knowledge now with so much more to learn/gain. learning how we can use phytocannabinoids to our benefit will lead to growing the best cannabis imaginable for the best results.
  12. Ed is a master. Definetly read end. After that there are tons of websites to keep up to date on recent techniques and innovations. Grass city is great, high times, and other forums. The internet is awash with info.
  13. Eds books are what's they use in Oaksterdamn. He always puts out quality stuff
    True. I called Oaksterdam University, and they told me to purchase the Ed Rosenthal book and read it and i should be ahead of class; when i arrive. 

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