Cannabis plants very slow growth.... HELP!

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  1. I have two indoor plants (one of them is male so nevermind him), they came from bagseeds so I took advantage of it and planted them :ey:
    Planted them early January because I really have to harverest them till early june.
    I've seen some plants grow huge in just a single month or two, mine is almost 5 months old and is tiny AF! :sad:
    I have the female in a closet for a month or so like this:
    She is perfectly healthy, never had any nutritional problems, etc.. only lower leaves are now getting low light (since I've put them in the closet). She also only produces 3 bladed leafs, It can be related for what I know...
    I used nutritional bars and a little bit of ferilizer. Temperature is optimal (goes from 20ºC - 26ºC).
    Can't check humidity nor soil pH (soild pH is originally 6 - 6,5).
    June is almost here and I'd love to have at least ONE SINGLE BUD! :frown:
    More pics: IMG1114.jpg IMG1113.jpg
  2. Sorry for double post but I have a video that is from when I placed the plant in the closet:
  3. Not nearly enough light. What wattage are those LED bulbs you're using? Do you have a budget to work with?
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  4. They're really low in wattage, only 3W each. I don't have much money to spend, but if there's something under 10€ I can purchase that works miracles in less than a month I'd be really grateful :D
  5. Yeah, it looks to me like it's just a lack of light. If you're going to be growing cannabis, it really is worth the investment to purchase some proper grow lights, or your plants won't be able to flourish. I know this is above what you had mentioned, but on amazon, you can get a complete 400W MH/HPS system with a timer, digital ballast, reflector hood, and suspension cables for around $120. Something to seriously consider.
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  6. It's a little small, needs more light, maybe better soil and nutes. No idea what's goin in it. It's looking pretty healthy though for it's conditions and i see her trying to flower and a little frost on some of those leaves. It will produce something with those lights just probably not as much as you'd like, it doesn't look like it's going to die on you or anything.
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  7. Thanks for the quick replies! A for the nutes, I used this: [​IMG] as well as a bit of this:[​IMG]

    The last one is very potent so I used like 2 Table Spoons of it. :D

    As for the lights, are there any LED alternatives? :\ I'm on university and I share the bills with roomates so something that would be economic like LEDs (even COB-Leds) would be great..
    My current LEDs were purchased on ebay titled "Grow lights" so I actually thought it would be a good adition for my plants.. :(
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    No neeed to get discouraged. If you only have 10 euros to spend go with something like these,
    They can be bought at any local hardware store.

    Get one 23watt 2700k and one 23watt 6500k CFL and that will be enough to complete the grow in the next couple months.
    Next get two white construction paper 1 meter x 1 meter (3feet x 3 feet) and make a little house around the plant to reflect the light back to your plants. Leave one side open for a mini fan to blow air over them.

    The plants look very healthy, so you're doing something right!
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  9. Thank you for the advice! :D
    I went and bought one 28W 6500K CFL Spiral like the one you spoke about :)
    The only difference being that it's 28W instead of 23W and it's Cool white instead of warm white :\ I have untill the second week of June for her to grow at least a single bud :p want to make some seeds using the male too to see if I can plant some more next year ;D eheheh
    I have a 13h30 light cicle, should I switch to a 12/12 cicle now? :eek:
    Thank you again for the help! ^^ I really apreciate it! :thankyou:
  10. If you started a tiny seedling in a monster size pot, then part of your delay was that little plant having to form a root system in the huge clump of soil. Start them in small containers next Solo cups, and pot them up a size container at a time. Each time you do this, it takes the plant less time to root in and the new batch of soil will feed your plants....thus, no nutes. We run on a 10 week cycle. I can have clones taken and grown to about 3 feet tall by the time my flower room goes through 10 weeks. But I'm able to do it because of the way I pot them AND....the fact that I have killer good lighting in both veg and flower. Assuming your plant is healthy, the more light you give your plants, the bigger better buds you get and the quicker they grow. Low lighting only slows the whole process down. Not managing the pH of the WATER you give your plants might have something to do with it too, though I must admit that those first few pics didn't look like you're having pH problems. But don't post pics under LED lighting. There's no way to tell what we're actually looking at. Wait and take them under normal light. Nutes don't make big plants. Nutes are simply food for the plant. If you start out with good soil, it will have enough nutes in it to feed them for a time. You start giving nutes once the plant has used up what came in the soil. Throughout veg, if you pot them up in stages, you shouldn't have to give hardly any nutes at all until near the very end of the veg cycle before they go into flower. We usually give our first dose of added nutes a couple of weeks before they go into flower because the soil has fed them up until then. Giving nutes too early will just fry your plants, set their grow back and make them take time to recover from the stress. Your soil looks like it has nowhere near enough perlite in it either. These plants must have excellent drainage and most formulated grow soils contain at least 40% perlite to aid with it. They don't like their roots sitting in wet conditions constantly. You need to add some to whatever soil mix you're using. Your biggest problem though is that you don't have strong enough light in your veg area. Your plant looks overall healthy, but unless you give it more light during veg, it's going to be a slow grower. Read in the new grower threads here on the forum. There are several "sticky's" that contain the basic grow info you should've gotten before you planted even bag seeds. Just like with anything else, there is a process to growing this stuff. Most people worry and spend all their time and energy on setup. Setup is great, but if you can't grow the plant without killing it, no setup is going to get you any buds. So read up on how to do this the right way and things will flow more smoothly for you. TWW
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  11. WOW!!! Thanks!!!
    I actually transplanted this plant 2 times and just recently placed her in a bigger pot :p
    There is actually NO perlite on my soil, :\ the only drainage the soil has is the pot's holes at the bottom :S
    I should've mentioned this is my first grow btw :D after I managed to sprout the seeds I immediately started to read basics on growing cannabis, like ideal temperature, humidity, light cycles for each stage, when to water them, most common deficiencies and problems and how to avoid them, etc.. nothing too complex, and never had any problems exept from this slow growth and 3 bladed leafs only :( (there's actually like 5 or 6 leaves that have 4 blades, but that's not right either xD)
    Loved your feedback! :D if I manage to get seeds from my healthy male polenization, I'll follow up on your steps to make the process as efficient as possible! :) I'm always learning something new eheheh :D
    Thanks again for the help!! ^^
  12. bump
    Still something wrong :'(
  13. You don't have enough light, and your plants weren't on 12/12. In order for weed to flower, it has to have 12/12 lighting.

    Your plant looks healthy, yes, but there's no way you're gonna harvest anything in June and you pretty much just wasted 5 months.
  14. I have it on a 13/11 cycle since the beggining of the post, and installed a 28W 6500K CFL Spiral Bulb since the start of May.

    Sucks to have wasted soo much time and effort, how about seeds? How much time does it take for a plant to grow seeds? I have small little buds coming out, is that enough?
    Thanks again for the reply ;)
  15. You have a female plant if it is flowering/budding right now.

    Just like with mammals, in order for the girl plant to produce seeds, it requires a male any to pollinate it.

    See the white hairs (Pistils) on your plant? If a male plant was nearby and also flowering, pollen would land on those white hairs and travel downwards into the female flower and a seed would form.

    Male & female = seeds.

  16. Hmm well, that's kind of obvious...? x'D
    I ahve a male plant and know how that works, just wanted to know how much time it's needed for seeds to be formed :O so I can start this again next year :p
  17. Sorry - I didn't see that and you'd be surprised at how many folks just don't know. My apologies.

    Once your female plants have been pollinated you need to let the buds finish and mature as you normally would - 8-10 weeks or more depending on the flavor of cannabis you're working with.

    I've only made a few seed crops and waited until plants were finished to be sure myself. It would suck to have a whole bunch of immature seeds. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable than I can chime in also.

    It is very easy to make thousands of seeds. Thousands.

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