Cannabis plant or Hennep?

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by Victor420daily24, Aug 10, 2018 at 7:26 PM.

  1. Hello everyone, about more than a month this plant, either it’s a hennep sativa or just a female cannabis plant has been growing in my garden.

    Now why I’m not sure about it is because I’ve seen pictures of hennep plants that are really tall, while this one looks quite small compared to them.

    The “buds” have a quite amount of seeds in them wich makes me even more “unsure”

    Click this imgur link to look at the pictures I took and maybe you could help me with this;
  2. A more recent picture, wich is also better quality

    And a “bud” let’s call it like that..

  3. "Hemp and "marijuana" are merely different strains of Cannabis sativa. Hemp has little or no THC, while "marijuana has THC. There is no way to tell from a photo if that is hemp or "marijuana". But it is definitely Cannabis.

    Now my question is HOW did that plant get into your garden? It didn't just pop up from nothing! The answer could answer your question.

    Do you feed the wild birds? Some types of bird seed have hemp seed in them.

    Did you roll a joint and discard a seed while in the garden?

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  4. That was my guess too, that a wild bird pooped a seed in my garden, probally from eating around areas with hemp plants.. So how do I figure it out this plant is smokeable? I knew that you can’t get high of hemp plants and heard that it might be even dangerous to try. Thankyou for your reply.
  5. It is NOT dangerous to smoke hemp! The main difference between hemp and "marijuana" is the level of THC!

    At the very worst, you can get a headache from smoking hemp- most likely from any pesticides and excess chemical fertilizers that were used growing it. At the best, if you get a strain high in CBD, you will feel calm and have some pain relief, but NO high!

    As to if it is "smokeable", dry it and try it, hon! :smoke: That is the only way you'll know for sure!

  6. You know, You’re right. Dry it and try it!

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