Cannabis plant growing like a vine??

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  1. Hi I've been a Grower for a few years now I have a green thumb it comes naturally to me A God given gift But not to get off topic I came across some seeds a friend gave to me and it started out normal then it took a left turn its growing like a vine it has weird indica leaves but growing like a vine if that makes since I can't find no info on this mutation plz help me out if anyone has seen this before cause I haven't

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  2. its not cannabis.

    a god given gift you say? lol
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  3. I'm sorry.....
    (some friend)
  4. I think your friend mistakenly gave you magic bean stalk seeds.the other guy is posting in a bean stalk forum my freind gave me these seeds now its growing this weird bushy looking bean stalk.
  5. Thats Japanese hops. Its a close relative to weed and the seeds look nearly identical but they are not the same thing. I've always wondered if you could graft weed cuttings onto hops...
  6. Oh ok cool I swear the seeds look just like cannabis seeds
  7. I kinda figured that and yes a God given gift but I know this for sure is cannabis I bout this from Attitude seeds bank

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  8. I read in High Times that grafting hop plants onto cannabis roots in order to obtain a THC producing hop plant was just an unsubstantiated urban legend. I first read people speculating about that over thirty years ago.
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  9. That third photo is HILARIOUS!! Something resembling a wild grape vine is lovingly caged and trellised. While, like a neglected, forlorn red-headed stepchild, an authentic Indica seedling sits outside the edge of the cage!!
  10. Lmao
  11. Thats cool and all, but Im curious what would happen if someone tried to graft cannabis onto hops.. Guess I'll have to try it
  12. Not sure what the point would be of grafting a cannabis stalk onto a hops root stalk?
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  13. cool plant anyways i would keep it around to see what it does

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