Cannabis Oil For Metastatic Neuroendocrine Cancer?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Sony1302, May 8, 2015.

  1. Kevnia, you are inquiring about a more than year and a half old post. Sonya has only posted the one time back in 2015 and has not replied since.
  2. Little advice from me,

    Out sourcing cannabis oil or strains must be tested

    Heavy metals
    Thc and cbd level

    Strains for sleep and pain
    Blueberry og, has small amounts of cbd
    Anything over 90 percent indica will put ypu too sleep and help with pain.

    Mental stimulation
    Try a more sativa or hybrid variety with haze

    Companies that’s i would buy cbd seeds from
    Cbd crew,,, one of the best too be honest,, first ones too come up with the idea, they worked with most famous companies like serious seeds, Dutch passion, dinafem etc too create 1:1 variety’s.

    There seed catalogue is very comprehensive you can find a wide variety of seeds.

    Buying multiple packs of different variety’s of cbd skunk haze, shark shock cbd, noodle cbd, etc..

    What ever ypu do I wish ypu all the best... thanks
  4. Hi,

    My mother has been diagnosed with an endorine tumour in the liver and small intestine. Her endocrinologist has informed her that surgery is not an option but will start her on monthly octreotide injections to hopefully slow the tumour growth.
    I've been looking into cannabis oil to see if it can reduce the tumour but really confused which one would be suitable wether is THC or CBD also were I could get it from.
    Please can you help me?

    Kind regards
  5. Hello Kevnia,

    My Mother was diagnosed with the same thing and had three rounds of chemo and it didn't put a dent in the tumor. It's actually grown and metastisized. I would love any input from this group. She is approved for medical marijuana so we can get oils and anything needed. She is fading quickly and I would love to remedy her pain and slow the growth. Thank you! Kathleen
  6. RSO ( rick simpson oil) is likely her best option as it's a full plant extract and has more useful compounds then many other preparations.
    I make it and gift it to a few of my wifes former co workers who are on chemo. In all case we extended life and eased pain and suffering so the stuff does work as 2 cases had been sent home to die. One we kept going for 2 years past her predicted expiration date.
    Hash Master 5000 - Dry Ice Method, Hash Oil Capsules, Everclear Tincture
    This sub thread of mine covers many of the steps for making it from scratch as well as the ways to start her on it at low doses so not to scare her early on as to much to fast is a nightmare. Like getting really drunk with the spins and puking possible.
  7. Hi Sonya. Any news on how you are doing with Cannibus? My husband is a 22 year survivor using surgeries and octrillotide also. It’s been working for years, but had one tumor grow and had to be removed. Mainly liver now. Started in colon, etc. just wanted to hear if you found the oil and if it worked.
  8. Chemo is not effective for carcinoid. Octrillotide injections monthly or surgery. There are only 5 specialists in the world and ours seems to have retired. My husband is a 22 year survivor. The shots control it well. Let me know if the cannibus was used and if it’s working for you. This forum has a lot of info.

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