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Cannabis Oil/Edibles

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by willymac22, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. So I've been making cannabis oil using coconut oil for a couple of years now and I have my process working pretty well. I get a great some really good quality oil from it.

    My question is what else can I do with the oil other than making brownies as that all I've used it for and what can I do with the leftover bud as I know for a fact its still pretty potent after 6 hours of soaking in the oil.

    Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  2. As you have discovered, the sludge from strained oil is very potent. According to results of the HighTimes "Ultimate Cannabutter Experiment" and lab tests I've seen posted, about half the medicine remains in the sludge. Here are some things you can do:
    (1) Use ground decarbed herb
    If you can stand the slight taste of herb, then you can just decarb the herb, grind to powder, and mix it into the oil of any recipe (avoiding too much heat for too long), keeping careful track of how much herb goes into how many servings. Of you can mix the herb with nut butter or nutella.
    (2) Put unstrained oil into capsules
    This is awkward, and difficult, but yields a very convenient medicine.
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  3. You can also make some very powerful ointment with the leftovers, I do this instead of trying to eek out anything psychoactive to another thing. I use the saved sludge after straining from hash/coconut for caps & make ointment. I add: chunks of cocoa butter in a double boiler or small specific for this purpose crock pot, 6 drops of cinnamon bark AND 6 of cinnamon leaf extract and also 6 drops of frankincense oil. Let it all get proper melty and cool in tins. Many who don't even use cannabis regularly seem to really benefit from the ointment! The fact that it is potent makes a little go a long long way!
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  4. Thanks mate, great suggestions.
  5. T
    Thanks man, much better than throwing it away.

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