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  1. Child Cured of Cancer Despite Medical Industry Efforts toStop Treatment and shut down citizen dispensaries.

    2-year old child cured with HEMP OIL.

    Preface this with the fact that the Federal Government asrepresented by the Department of Health and Human Services hold a 2003 patentfor the miraculous HEMP OIL (

    After a nearly miraculous turn-around doctors and governmentofficials deny benefits and raided the dispensaries that treated this child andsaved his life..

    As you read the news article, remember that “Marinol” is asynthetic molecule “closely” resembling THC. It has never been determinedin a lab study to be wholly effective. Marinol is not a derivative of theCannabis plant – therefore holds none of its efficacy.
    May 5,2011

    Doctorssaid 2-year-old CashHyde would likely die after they found a stage 4 brain tumorsurrounding his optic nerve just a year ago this week.

    Andhe nearly did. After being subjected to seven different chemotherapy drugs, thelittle boy from Missoula, Montana suffered septic shock, a stroke and pulmonaryhemorrhaging.

    Cashwas so sick he went 40 days without eating. His organs were threatening to shutdown. His father, Mike Hyde, intervened, slipping cannabis oil into his son's feeding tube.

    InMontana, medical marijuana is legal. Hyde had used it himself to treat hisattention deficit disorder. When Cash was diagnosed in May 2010, Mike got him amarijuana card and purchased the drug from his own supplier.

    Cash,now 3, made a miraculous recovery at Primary Children's Hospital in Salt LakeCity, but his father's bold action -- taken behind doctors' backs -- has raisedserious questions about a parent's role in medical treatment.

    Hydesaid he believes it was the marijuana oil that helped Cash eat again and thatthe drug -- illegal in most states, including Utah, can cure cancer.

    "Notonly was it helpful," Hyde, 27, told "It was agodsend."

    Government Officials raid Cannabis Center to protectcorporate lobbyists and preserve corporate stronghold on public:

    How many “cures” and“healing elements” are with-held from the public to feed corporate greed andlobbying with governments to protect corporate profits and stock prices.

    How are you “voting” withyour stocks and 401K to continue with-holding of medical and technologicaladvances from dying children and a needy world?
  2. With stories like these, it should be no surprise that cannabis extracts really do cure cancer. I know DOZENS of people who have cured disease with this medicine, including many cancers. I don't understand why the cannabis movement has not fought hard for this now that we have so much evidence.
  3. I work daily to rally people to the healing powers of natural things.

    There is a 70 year old stygma imposed on this healing herb.

    We must work to remove the stygma by changing ourselves and the global perception of what users of cannabis are like.

    People "run from the cure" and fall in to "death by stygma".

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