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Cannabis Oil as a daily vitamin?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by ChineseDemocracy, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. Apologies in advance if this reeks of newb, but...
    I've read about the process that involves boiling cannabis oil and through a few other steps, removing THC all together, leaving just CBD.  Specifically, in the cases I read about, it was people giving said concoction to their pets to battle epileptic seizures.  
    My question is, while taking into consideration all the supposed health benefits of cannabis oil (ala Rick Simpson), do you think it would be beneficial in the same way a daily multivitamin is?  Like, just a small dose each morning to help prevent Alzheimer's and/or other disease? 

  2. Not daily, but once weekly would. Daily would just give you an insane tolerance.
  3. That one calls for a study. Anybody trying to answer your question would need documented proof of their evidence. I think taking CBD daily would feel like a painkiller, Weekly would need a study on why a dose of cbd in the system would prevent those future diseases.
    Why would a marijuana product prevent memory loss at an older age anyway? 
    If so I have 11g of THC laden wax right here and My memory will be backed up for years to come. I guess...if THC cancels out CBD and causes the memory loss. 
  4. I've never had memory loss from weed. Yes, memories might be a bit blurry, but it's not a blackout. 
    As for high CBD and no THC, that wouldn't work. There has to be small traces of THC for the CBD to do its work.
    There is most likely other compounds in the plant that help as well. That's why manufactured meds like marinol do not work nearly as well as the plant itself.
    Frankly, its 5am and I'm exhausted so I don't have the wherewithall to link you to various articles and studies and whatnot.
    But I suggest you check out posts from @[member="Storm Crow"] . She talks extensively about the medical properties of mj and if she doesn't have the answers you are looking for, she can probably point you in the direction to find them.
    I hope this helped, even a little!
    HIGH CBD strains and preparations have use, but it is important to remember that THC is still present.
    The CBD-only products you see around here and the web via spammers is a misnomer. Look at Charlotte's Web - If I am not mistaken there are still small amounts of THC and it is an important part of the process.
    The BEST benefit of cannabis comes from utilizing the whole plant. There are 70+ cannabinoids and we only typically focus on the major 8. There are terpenoids/terpenes (what gives cannabis its aroma) and also bioflavonoids - in all there are over 421+ compounds in cannabis. If you've been following Dr. Sanjay Gupta he recently did a piece on the "entourage effect."
    There is a synergistic, compounding effect when all the compounds are utilized together. For instance the terpenoids don't just give the aroma, but they are literally pharmacologically active constituents. THAT is part of the medicine! Look up "limonene" sometime. It gives buds the citrus smell, but is present in lemons also and carries many medicinal properties.
    CBD-only legislation and products are a farce and misnomer to what we could and should be doing with cannabis. You miss out entirely on what is being offered to us.
    In specific to your question:
    If you haven't yet, go to google and search for "NORML.org Introduction to the endocannabinoid system"
    They have a great piece on what it is and how it works. You'll read the details there but know it is a lipid-based, modulatory system that regulates ALL of our body functions, immune system, reproductive system, etc. Our body creates ENDOcannabinoids (endogenous) naturally, such as anandamide, and we need lots of healthy fats and omega 3's in the diet to generate healthy cannabinoid receptors, to make use of them. Our body MAKES cannabinoids but by consuming cannabis we can supplement them!
    Google/YouTube articles/videos by Dr. Robert Melamede elaborating on this and also the evolutionary development of our endocannabinoid system. As stressors from the outside world (toxins, stress, chemicals, etc) put STRAIN on our body, our system's are taxed pretty heavily. For instance, stressors can cause our immune system to fall out of proper regulation. Supplementing with cannabis can help "regulate" our immune system back to proper order!
    So as far as supplementation, think of our internal regulatory system that can stay in homeostasis MUCH easier and effectively through moderated cannabis intake. In herbal medicine, there is a term called "adaptogen." It is used to describe adaptogenic herbs - they have no specific mechanism, do not specifically target any one organ (as Dandelion helps the liver, etc) and they are technically not a tonic. They "normalize" in conditions of too much AND too little. I wrote a piece on this recently for my company and while writing it, you better believe I realized that cannabis is technically the most powerful adaptogenic botanical in our reach.
    Moreover, many of the pharmaceutical patents on cannabis have stemmed from its supreme free-radical reducing effects as an antioxidant. Essentially, the research shows that cannabis can prevent/treat just about ALL "age-related diseases" because age-related diseases are truly not directly correlated to our AGE - but rather FREE RADICAL DAMAGE!
    YES that means that cannabis - NOT CBD-only - is one of the greatest longevity herbs known to man. It reduces mental stress but also the physical stress that shows up as free-radical damage.
    In terms of supplements...
    Think of a longevity formula that blends herbs like Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba with high-grade, whole-plant cannabis oil. Or heck just supplement the two separately. The point either way is that as far as supplements go, look to the endocannabinoid system, look to its antioxidant/free-radical fighting powers, think longevity, think neuroprotectant and so on.
    The science, as we have available today, says that every citizen would benefit from regular consumption/supplementation of cannabinoids. Moreover the terpenoids and flavonoids are an important part of the "medicine" - that's why CBD only is garbage, THC only (Marinol) is garbage and so on - because it's not just the cannabinoids that bring pharmacological effects.
    Eat healthy fats and omega 3's to build healthy cannabinoid receptors to utilize cannabis most effectively.
    Supplement cannabis regularly.
    Eat lots of fresh, vibrant fruits and veggies.
    Drink lots of fresh, pure, clean water - spring water is best.
    Add other longevity herbs such as ginseng, ginkgo, capsicum, etc.
    Do lots of yoga, exercise, watch the sunrise, sunsets.
    Make love, music, enjoy creativity and happiness every day.
    Then prepare to live to 100+!
  6. My experience may be relevant- I take high CBD rick simpson oil at a small dose every morning, since the past month.
    I use medical cannabis mainly for low appetite and social anxiety, I am not ill by any means, thankfully.
    CBD has always worked wonders for my anxiety, and I used to smoke high CBD strains for it. I've found using the RSO just makes it easier- I take the dose with breakfast and all day I am calm and happy, no anxiety, increased confidence and sociability, and increased appetite. After a month of this I have noticed almost no increase in tolerance, I also smoke flowers about once a day.
    My RSO is ~3:1 CBD:THC at a concentration of 70% total cannabinoid content. It is mainly made from the strain "Blueberry OG" that tests at around 15% CBD, 6% THC.
    The dose I take is a little larger than a grain of rice and provides a mild, background effect for about 8 hours. I should add that I am very resistant to edible cannabis, so my dose which is low for me is a high dose for most patients. Each patient has a unique sensitivity to oral cannabis and the dose should be modified accordingly.
    Whether or not this regimen can prevent illness such as neurodegenerative disease or prevent the formation of tumors we don't know, no clinical trials have been conducted using RSO as far as I know. 
    All anecdotal evidence seems to indicate that it provides great relief of temporary symptoms of anxiety, pain, and others.
  7. Thank all of you guys very, VERY much.  Truly appreciative of such robust feedback and direction. 
    I suppose I owe a bit more truth to my op.  My mother is 65.  I think, in the back of her mind, she's worried about alzheimer's someday, as, according to her, my grandmother died from it (Personally, I don't believe that to be the case.  I think it was merely "old age.").  Regardless, if cannabis is legalized in my state within the next few years, I'd love for her to supplement with it, because I truly believe in its medical benefit.  What sucks though, is New Hampshire won't have medical dispensaries til next year and the laws for who qualifies is damn strict.  But yeah, at any rate, supplementation, in the same way people use things like fish oil, glutamine, zinc, etc. each day, is something I have hope can slow or prevent alzheimer's. 
    Again though, thank you all very sincerely.
  8. the way to your health is not by doing what others tell/ force on you. if you want health do watcha gotta do... seeing how effective cannabis is is there really anything more to say?

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