Cannabis Nutrient Profiles. Which ones do you know?

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  1. Hi,

    could you please post a link to cannabis nutrient profiles or pictures if you know any.

    For now I only know about three nutrient profiles and another one which doesn't seperate int he differen phases of the grow.

    Two are stated here, I attached the picture of the other two ones.



  2. I know I'm reviving this thread from death, but does anyone have any input on this? I have been trying to find a variety of sources for accepted cannabis nutrient profiles, and can't really find many... I know the link provided above talks about the GH target range, and a few other people who developed their own numbers. I'm just having a difficult time finding anything recent, I feel like I'm missing something on the internet

    Also, looking at the first picture above, some of those numbers seem waaay to high right?? And it even says it's for cannabis at the bottom...hmm.

    Anyone else calculating their exact nutrient ppms to find tune your growing? Is there a specific thread for that? Where are you all!
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  3. I have not found anything on this forum

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  4. From my researches my conclusion is, the problem with this question in general is each cannabis strain reacts differently to certain nutrient strengths which might be why everyone had problems finding any charts.
    There seems to be many factors which effect the plants reaction ie. Outdoor/indoor, medium type, ph of water used etc.
    Dont quote me as im no professional but thats my opinion.
    P.s. i know thread is old lol

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  5. We should start building a database of nutrient profiles based on strain... lol..

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  6. exactly but some strains have different phenotype's which can be very different.
  7. Yeh.. would make it a difficult process but doable if we all collaborated together :)

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  8. Lol your not finding much because true growers don't calculate exact ppms. It much simpler to just understand what your plant needs. Even if you calculate exact ppm you can't because well it's complex chemistry and you cant just give your plant 100% Nitrogen its given in the form NH3 or NH4 what's more important is that thier is salts in the soil and you monitor your ph as much as your monitoring ppms
  9. IMG_0912.JPG IMG_0911.JPG IMG_0906.JPG For instance I run jr peters general purpose and bloom booster and add diamond nectar, floraicous bloom, and flora nectar from GH
    Fertilize only once a week why waste time counting ppms much more important data to track like humidity temp ph and most important training your plant.
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  10. Not to mention all the different factors that effect how much you use.
    Soil: thousand different soil mixtures and brands
    Dwc: everyones water is different, RO, Distilled
    Seed: 2 seeds of the exact same strain can require completely different feeding schedules
    All these things would effect how much your plants requires for food.
    But it would be nice to have a basic guideline for all the strains and what they need on average

    Your friendly neighborhood 187budz

    400w hid 5G DWC coco Berry Bomb first indoor grow
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  11. Use fox farm trio. Tried ad proven
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  12. i like using only fox--farm products also..
  13. Earthworm castings, guano tea, seaweed powder, and hygrozyme.
    Bloom: big bud, molasses, and ph up/down.
    Last week to two weeks: 10% nutrients to wash the plant out. (I use just weak sugar water)
    Everyone’s different. Worked for a friend I helped the whole time really well, so I been doing the same and it’s working well.
    We used urea on some outdoor and it shot those stems to the sky.
    Good luck and always go with your gut
  14. I used florilicious plus ( it makes roots grow faaaast) for my babes (less than two weeks old) to get their root systems boosted...

    It takes about one or two teaspoon(s) per 5 gallons. I used 3 drops with some other nutes and even though she only had two true leaves, she was almost root bound with two feedings/ a week.

    Be careful with it because the roots can get too big and make a small SMALL plant root bound.

    Tip for this nute: use 1 AND ONLY 1 drop (per gallon) to establish some fantastic roots (should take 2-4 feedings to get the roots robust AF.)

    Other nutes: Fox farm Grow big and Big Bloom are the ones I've used so far and they work way too well, my oldest is growing at 3x the normal speed because of just the fox farm. I really recommend the florilicious plus for your babies, personally I say only use it two times on them per pot (used three drops for two feedings and they were all CLOSE to root bound)
    I have some Mammoth P (for flowering) and I'll post the outcome of that on my journal in micro grows. Good luck and I hope your girls do fantastic!!

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  15. I use CANNA-nutes with Emerald Harvest additives(cal/mag-sturdy stalk) to help
    I grow longer in veg than most do and match that time in bloom
    (3 week germination 8 weeks Veg and Bloom both)
    I follow the feeding schedule they suggest except final week I do pure water flush
    I grow in coco - 5 gal. felt pots and feed every 3rd day - 1 liter in veg - 2 liters in bloom
    PM me if you want a more in depth list of my setup and schedule
  16. I grow RDWC systems , I use RO water , about 2500 gallons per month .
    I don't think Distilled water should be used because you have no idea what's in it .
    Distilled water is much like rain water .

    In my area well water is 8.2 PH and is over 1500PPM's
    Your PPM's ideally should be under 50.
    You need to maintain 5.5 to 6.5 PH .
  17. I to Use Canna products
    Canna aqua veg and floral A and B plus Canna Boast and Rock Resinator .
    I have to flush too .
    I stopped using CalMag because the Canna products I use has Calcium and Magnesium already in it .

    I have found that I will have excess sodium making the plant mineral Potassium deficiency ..if I don't flush .
  18. I started off by using General Hydroponics. Very soon afterwards I learned more and decided to go with the Jack's 3-2-1 method. This nutrient line allows you to single out your nutrients rather then being at the mercy of adding everything in the bottle just to help one thing. For instance, if I have a N deficiency, I can boost my N levels without having to add extra of something else as well.

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  19. Hello! Can anyone post a feeding schedule for autos, or guide me in this aspect? I grow in soil, by the way.
    Thank you!

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