Cannabis NEEDS To Be Legalized

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  1. I've only been drunk four times in my life, last night being the fourth. I had to pay $10 to get in to this party, so I wanted to get my money's worth and I drank a lot of vodka and fruit punch. It was pretty fun. I went back to my dorm, chilled a little, then went to sleep. I woke up two hours later and felt really sick, so I jumped down from my bed (it is lofted), and I went in to the bathroom and puked all over the floor. Then I made it to the toilet and finished up there. Now it's the next day, 12:47PM, and I still feel sick! All because of alcohol.

    The last time I got drunk, I had a partial hangover, and the first hit of cannabis I took, it went away immediately. Cannabis is so much safer and better than alcohol, and for hangovers it makes them go away so fast. I honestly cannot believe there are people who think cannabis is more dangerous than alcohol. Alcohol is a destructive chemical that causes pain, influences violence, and leaves horrible residual effects. Cannabis has none of those qualities. If cannabis was legal, and people smoked instead of drank, there would be so much less pain. I'm at college and I don't have access to cannabis (I know, counterintuitive, right?), so I can't even make this go away. I look forward to the day when cannabis is legal and people realize how much better it is than alcohol.

    By the way, this is probably one of the least important reasons cannabis needs to be legalized, but since I'm in the situation right now, this is the one I am focused on.
  2. It doesnt NEED to be legalized,i like the routine of:

    -Dude u got weed?
    -Sure Man
    -Ill be over in 5 minutes

  3. Indeed, but you just need to drink responsibly. Theres no use in getting TOO wasted unless it's a special event cause you need to get it up.

    I missed out on a latina last night. YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LIKE LATINAS.
    Then all my friends got down on yays :(

    sorry to go offtopic... We all know it needs 2 b legalized
  4. If you're at college, how do you not have bud access? Almost every friend group I can think of here has a few people that smoke, just ask some people you're cool with for a bud hookup.

    I feel bad for you, being dry and hungover :(

  5. lolwut?
  6. ^^ Yeah i agree get out there and socialize man.

    I remember a couple 4/20's ago when i was a senior in high school there's was about 20 of us smoking blunts on my girl's back porch we were all so high no one said anything for a good hour and someone finally was just like "why is this you know how loud we would all be if we were drunk right now???"

    haha i'll never forget it
  7. I think you underestimate the power of alcohol, that's why you hate it.

    I love drinking and honestly aside from Salvia, alcohol definitely fucks you up more mentally and physically than anything else, acid/shrooms included.

    Plus didn't help you had a ton of sugar while drinking, which if you're a vet is a big no-no.
  8. Yeah, but sometimes its

    -Dude u got weed?
  9. Seriously, I'm not trying to be mean here. If you are on a college campus and don't have access to weed you really need to go hang with different people and realize how campuses work!
    Campuses are laden with drugs, and if you're doing it right that will be half your education.

    I know what you mean about alcohol though. I used to be a heavy party drinker for about two years. I would get seriously black out fucked up drunk like 3 nights a week. Looking back now I can't believe I would do that. My friends and I often talk about how weird it is that the general populous chose Alcohol over weed as its preferred drug. Weed is just such a better drug in so many ways.
    (If you're curious as to why it has a lot to do with the Industrial Revolution and America being bad at Life)
  10. Alcohol is poison! But if you must drink, please read these articles.

    Pot Might Blunt Damage of Binge Drinking

    Cannabidiol, Antioxidants, and Diuretics in Reversing Binge Ethanol-Induced Neurotoxicity
    Comparison of Cannabidiol, Antioxidants, and Diuretics in Reversing Binge Ethanol-Induced Neurotoxicity -- Hamelink et al. 314 (2): 780 -- Journal of Pharmacology And Experimental Therapeutics

    White Matter Integrity in Adolescents with Histories of Marijuana Use and Binge Drinking.
    Unbound MEDLINE | White Matter Integrity in Adolescents with Histories of Marijuana Use and Binge Drinking. Journal article

    There are other studies about treating alcoholism by replacing alcohol with cannabis - just click the "simple format" link in my sig to read them.

    Phantom, stick to cannabis. It is so much safer. And you are right, it must be legalized! Every year, we all hear of some otherwise bright college student dying of alcohol poisoning. How many students choose alcohol only because it is legal? If cannabis were legal, how many students would choose pot over alcohol? How often do you think we would we hear of a student dying of "cannabis poisoning"?

    Both medical and recreational use cannabis must be legalized. And considering how cannabis can prevent damage in diabetes, MS, heart disease, Alzheimers and stroke, and may prevent, slow or kill some types of cancer, I'm not sure there is such a thing as "recreational use"! In my mind, all use is medical, whether we realize it at the time or not!

    Granny :wave:
  11. Cannabis>Alcohol

  12. wrong
  13. Right and how much does acid fuck you physically?
  14. This.
    Unless by "Fuck you up" he meant "harm you".
    Stuff like Shrooms and Mescaline are waaaaay better and more intense highs.
  15. All you have to do is drink a few glasses of water before you go to bed and you won't feel sick in the morning

    You might still be so thirsty you're spitting cotton, but the overall theme here is to rehydrate yourself
  16. yes...

  17. Just sounds like you're a lightweight and couldn't handle your alcohol. What did you expect when you drank, to feel high? Alcohol is not weed bro:confused:
  18. I haven't done acid myself (can't find any :-(, soon though) but if it's like shrooms I imagine there is some physical effects. I remember feeling like I wasn't in control of my limbs, and movement was a precarious endeavor for a while.
    I'll concede alcohol is probably a more powerful physical high than acid, but I'd take rolling or Mescaline over it any day.
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    i have never done acid and dont plan on it but i have done shrooms and i can tell you they fuck you up WAY more physically than alcohol.

    look at it this way, taking 1/8th of shrooms is like drinking 3-4 shots of alcohol where you are not trashed but feeling good where you wont get hang over in the morning. Taking a quarter of shrooms is like taking 10-12 shots of alcohol where you get hung over in the morning, get sick, throw up, etc.....

    Last time i took a quarter of mushrooms i blacked out in the woods, didnt know who i was, where i was, what anything was, pretty much out of this world never have i been that fucked up/scared/insane before in my life. I could have been laying in the middle of the road and i wouldnt know what to do.

    Take 10-12 shots of alcohol you get the spins really bad, throw up, get liquor courage, and pass out. You still have a little self control on alcohol. On a quarter of shrooms i had NONE

  20. Whats cool about cannabis is that you don't even need to remember to do that before you go to bed. Because there are not hangovers with cannabis. :D

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