Cannabis misconceptions in the uk

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  1. I was just reading through the information that the FRANK website has on cannabis. If you dont already know FRANK is a helpline/informative website that offers people information on and help for people with driug problems.

    The very last part was what caught my eye the most, it read.

    "Some users may want to buy strong herbal cannabis to get ‘a bigger high' but unpleasant reactions can be more powerful when you use strong cannabis, and it is possible that using strong cannabis repeatedly could lead in time to more users experiencing harmful effects such as dependence or being more at risk of developing the mental health effects"

    The part that struck me most was "Some user may want to buy strong HERBAL CANNABIS".

    Im feel the area where I live (and the uk in general?) has a huge misconception of what cannabis exactly is. Isnt all cannabis herbal? to answer that question, When I 1st smoked cannabis (or what i believed then to be cannabis.) It was an extremely low grade hash called soapbar. Soapbar contains very little plant matter (If any?) and very little THC (again, If any?) and is bulked out with lost of horrible stuff. Im sure it WAS the most commonly used form of "cannabis" in the UK a fe years back and know alot of people still smoke it.Also the people that have wrote the article seem to think SKUNK is super duper strong weed that makes you mental!

    Everyone i know including myself doesnt consider soapbar to be cannabis. I myself didnt know anything about Proper grown cannabis and that cannabis could actually be used to aid ailments until i was a bit older. I think alot of people still have this misunderstanding of the plant. I think these common misconceptions on cannabis that these websites are giving people of the UK is damaging any chance this plant has of being used not only for recreational purposes but also medicinal purposes anywhere in the future.

    Also check out the FRANK website and have a look for yourself if you want its quite interesting the amount of crap on it. have a look at this FRANK - Cannabis smoke a virtual joint and interact with the

    I feel strongly that these issues need to be addressed. These are only my views and im intrested in reading yours too. Please leave a reply if you have the time.
  2. FRANK is just plain silly. its supported by a government who censors its own scientist.

    The general consensus among the scientific community and most young people in the UK is that cannabis is a safe recreational drug. I don't know many tokers, but even those who don't want to participate view it on the same level as alcohol, it’s the legal aspect that they find off putting.

    Just give it time and the bullshit will dissipate.
  3. most people i know see it on the same level as alcohol too. Its the health risks that the must com we with soapbar with all the crap that goes in it plays a big part on how alot people view cannabis in general. Atleast in the area where i live. Ive been called a junkie because I like to smoke some weed lol i would never touch soapbar though
  4. i've never even seen soapbar. when i ask for weed i expect buds. if FRANK had any sense it would be telling people to stay away from any kind of shitty hash.

    cannabis' 'herbal' quality is one of the attractive things about it as a drug, at least you can tell purity just by the look of it.

    i think, as a country, we are making headway. even the older folk are starting to realise its not as bad as it was once portrayed. i spoke to a conservative about his views on drugs, i'm by no means conservative, but even he agreed weed shouldn't be illegal. and that demonstrates its no longer just a liberal view, its across the whole politcal spectrum.
  5. Yeah it just annoys me that people in my area are resorting to smoking hash thats bulked with plastic bags and tyres when all the bud supply has dried up. people wouldnt risk there health if the plant was at least decriminalised.
  6. I've been smoking for a couple years now, I'm 20 and I can only thank university for introducing me to this amazing plant.

    I've met a lot of people who are just straight against it, and won't go out of their way to make my life miserable. I like that a lot of people just have a relaxed attitude towards it, but it still doesn't change the fact I feel sketchy every time I smoke up.

    The UK's views will change, but it's the ridiculous people at the top of the socio-economic food chain that need to just give the fuck in. There are worse people that could be in jail...
  7. I agree with you completely, I'm 22 use to smoke when I was 15-16 but stopped as I couldn't handle smoking unpure low grade hash. But never looked down on someone because they still smoked it, that is their choice and not really any of my business.

    Ive been smoking bud now for the past year or so I not only smoke it because I enjoy it but it also helps my anxiety, depression and sleepless nights caused by the anxiety/depression. Even if it's just one joint a day I feel I function better as a whole, I doubt I would even still be in a job if it wasn't for this plant as it really does help me through my day. So I ask why should I feel like "sketch" if I smoke or medicate in my garden (I prefer to smoke outside as I keep reptiles) if it actually helps me a be a more productive member of society. If you go to the job centre in town you see all the alcoholics signing for their benefits, and what does the government choose to do? Give them extra money on their benefits just because they have a drinking problem!
    I guess that's just the kind of messed up society we live in!

    There are definitely worse people that could be in jail. Why not spend more time worrying about drink fuelled violence at the weekend at clubs and pubs! You don't hear about anyone smoking a couple of joints then going on a rampage beating on innocent people they would rather put as much effort into the guy that likes to relax on the weekends with blunt. I feel the Uk is many years behind other countries when it comes to understanding the true potential of this plant.

    Sorry for the rant lol just need to let off steam once and a while.


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