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Cannabis makes you slow/stupid

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by stoned42, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Whenever Im on yahoo answers or whatever for questions about weed, people always post stuff like this:
    Best Answer - Chosen by Asker

    no don't smoke more stop smoking now i smoked for 20 years and now when someone asks me almost anything i just go blank and before i was quick come backs and could answer question in a flash ...,,so stop before you are answering these stupid questions

    Now this is scary, I really dont want to become slow or stupid
  2. mate just toke up you'll love it! even if it does cost you a bit of mental health
  3. So it does? Yh Ive started toking but I had everyone to do with weed so Im gonna grow some autoflowers soon :smoke:
  4. Well personally it's effected me a bit, my memory is always hazy and often I was just completely forget where I'am or what I'am doing for like 30 seconds (even when not high).

    But I've been smoking daily ever since a young age so it's gonna have some certain effects
  5. Hmm whats the minimum age you should toke so you dont become like that
  6. well if your over 18 you should be fine
  7. Im 20, when I have a kid then Ill probably make him wait till hes 18 before he can toke then
  8. [quote name='"stoned42"']Hmm whats the minimum age you should toke so you dont become like that[/quote]

    There is none, that poster is totally wrong. There is no link between cannabis usage and long term stupidity or 'slowness'
  9. He used to be a user, apparently Ive done some research and it doesnt make people under 18 who use it stupid/slow it just makes them lose motivation
  10. cannabis doesnt make you slow and stupid ; Yahoo answers does !
  11. [quote name='"420dopeaf"']cannabis doesnt make you slow and stupid ; Yahoo answers does ![/quote]

    This. Also 18 isn't just some magical age where everything changes, and weed doesn't necessarily cause minors to lose motivation. Do some real research not some yahoo answers bullshit
  12. I think you should wait until you're atleast 18 to smoke. :)
  13. Haha alright man I agree I think its ok for teenagers if they are mature enough for it, Id say about minimum age for younger people who use it should be 15
  14. I look at it like this: We are what we are.. as far as slowness or stupidity is concerned. When the doctor prescribes us xanax or valium, which effect our thinking, he doesn't warn us about all the side effects involved with that (physical/psychological addiction, etc), and while hemp may make us somewhat forgetful, it is NOT physically addictive (we will not experience physical withdraw symptoms likewith pills). Experiment with what works for you.
  15. 15 is too young you should be focusing on school etc not smoking
  16. It makes my wit really slow

    But it helps my ADHD. I can learn faster, but the downside is it makes me quieter and less social
  17. I'd say 18 is a good age to start blazing. While it is true that cannabis can make you slower, I find that if you keep your seshes down to once every few days you'll be fine. Those effects are also temporary and your brain will return to full capacity within 1-6 months after stopping smoking.
  18. Its different for everybody I started at 15 . I Did get a little obssesed with it for like a year but I grew out of it and am successful and not mentally slow.
  19. Look my opinion is a 15 year old can smoke as long as they get their homework and shit done first so they dont fuck up and as long as they only smoke like once or twice a week
  20. Studying before blazing, otherwise they shouldnt smoke

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