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Cannabis magazines redflag?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lacrossestar, Jun 23, 2003.

  1. Well i wanted to become a subsriber to some cannabis magazines but my question is does the cops like red flag you when you do that? I also grow and im worried that if i do they'll come storming in... good idea or should i just keep on getting them at the gas station. lol
  2. good question.

    if u can get them anyways.. just buy them like you have been for that little bit of peace of mind.
  3. Just think of how many times each piece of mail is scanned and the information such as where it was sent from and where it's going, all done by machines. Do you really think the US govt' is not gonna do something with that data? I'm not sayin that there's gonna be feds kickin your doors in cause you read CC or HT, but still, your info IS out there.

  4. i know a shitload of people that have subscribed to high times for yrs, nothing has ever happened. I highly doubt the dea watches shit like that. But if your growin you wanna be as safe as possible so i say you should still just buy it from the local bookstore or liqour store , growin is a felony that will land you a couple yrs in prison, dont even take a chance just play it safe and spend a couple extra bucks every month.
  5. Dun be so Paraniod dude, look what that weeds doin to ya :D You'll be fine, even if the Pigs get to know somthing i doubt they'll attempt to do n e thing, there are so many Tokers out there i dun see the biggy.

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