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Cannabis Lotion?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by scripter111, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. I recently saw the 60 minutes on pot shops. One of the patients was talking about knee pain and said that the lotions she bought from the cannabis clubs helped with that. I suffer from chronic neck pain and smoking is not always good because some people think bad of it. Instead i thought that cannabis lotion would be a good alternative because it would ease the pain without having to smoke it. Heres my questions: Does the lotion contain THC? How can i make some of the lotion(infuse honey oil with regular lotion)? Please help.

  2. There is an amazing cannabis lotion called Doc Green's Therapeutic Healing Cream. Its potent marijuana medicine that you rub right on where you have pain, and within minutes, the pain is greatly reduced. Works great on my tense neck muscles and knee, and it doesn't get me high. I can use it, a couple applications a day, and stay crisp and clear headed. Its available at a few dispensaries in my area, but if you sign up online to Doc Green's collective (docgreens.org), you can get it sent right to you.
  3. This sounds really interesting and I'd love to try it when it's much easier to get. (Not worth making for me but rock on!)
  4. I make cannabis ointment for people, and also lotion. No it does not get you "high" (honestly, we should not say high as such. I thought we were using it for relief). It works very well on arthritis, back pain, muscle spasms, burns, insect bites, psoriasis, eczema, acne, poison ivy, and more. I believe it is also bone stimulating. I get a lot of thanks for making this wonderful stuff. I just wish more people understood the effects of what it does and what it can do.
  5. I have some ointment that helps with pain and stuff.
    Like stated above. It's really helpful with everything
    he said.
  6. for those of you in Colorado, I've come across a line called Apothecanna, which is all natural and available in regular and extra-strength salves at most dispensaries around Denver. a friend of mine uses it for fibromyalgia and swears by it. (she recently got a tattoo, and it helped that heal quickly and without much scabbing!) i use it on my ankle before and after exercise for pain (better than tiger balm!) as well as on patches of eczema. like topicalcannabis said, it is non-inebriating so you stay crisp and clear headed. pretty cool stuff.

  7. Fortunately I don't have much aches/pain that would necessitate cannabis lotion, but once I have an extra 4oz I don't need i'll def try to make this.
  8. Actually, although olive oil works okay for making salve, I'd recommend using grapeseed oil instead. I've made a salve loosely based on the "Hemp Salve" video on YouTube at:
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1vI0t4GgsE"]YouTube - How to make Hemp Salve[/ame]

    I wrote it out like this...


    Hemp Salve

    1/2 lb beeswax
    32 oz coconut oil, unrefined
    8 to 12 oz aloe vera
    32 oz hemp oil (I used cannabis infused olive oil the first time)
    1/2 to 1 tsp essential vanilla oil, to preferred scent
    1/2 to 1 tsp vitamin D oil, optional

    In a large crockpot on high, melt the beeswax. Add the coconut oil and stir until clear. Add the aloe vera, stirring and heating until clear again. Turn off the crockpot and put the liner with contents into the fridge until a skin begins to develop.

    Remove from fridge and stir in the hemp oil, vanilla oil, and any other herbal or vitamin oils you might be adding. Stir or whisk until well mixed.

    Pour or ladle oil into preferred containers and allow to cool. (You can also put the crockpot liner back into the fridge if you want it to be thick before putting into containers.)


    I've made two batches now - the first with olive oil and the second with grapeseed oil - and have got to say that the absorption quality of the grapeseed far exceeds that of olive oil. The olive stays on the outside of the skin longer, feels greasier, whereas the grapeseed salve absorbs much better.
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    Here's a direct link to the lotion you mention.

    Product Information - Doc Green's Therapeutic Healing Creme - Topical Cannabis Lotion

    It is, however, available only to California MMJ patients.
  10. someone on my dorm floor has a bunch of hemp made products; lotion, etc..

  11. THC is heat activated THCa or THC acid. This is why smoking and vaporizing get you "high". exposure to THCa is not as psychoactive an experience. Don't heat/cook the the mixture and you will not get a psychoactive product.
    My recommendation = concentrate (hash/kiefe) infused coconut oil. Add 7-12 grams to a pint jar and get it WARM (under a 100f degrees) for about 72 hours. Coconut oil liquefies around 73f degrees. If you heat it up on the stove (put jar in pan of water on low heat) you'll get a much more psychoactive mixture.
  12. Look at all the 1-5 post accounts advertising that lotion. :rolleyes:
  13. For those of you with aches and pains- make your own lotions and salves! (my list even has a few recipes under "Methods of use - topicals" ;))

    It is very easy! Basically, you heat your cannabis infused oil (there are 100s of recipes for making the oil) with a small amount of bees wax, and then let it cool while stirring. That's it! I put the container with the oil/wax mix into a bowl of cold water to speed things up. Let it cool to room temperature before judging the thickness.

    If it is too thick, reheat and add more oil. Too thin? Re-heat and add a tiny bit more wax! Then cool it off again while stirring and see how thick it is. I like to add a few drops of peppermint extract to it for a nice scent.

    After you make your first batch, you'll wonder why you were so scared to try doing it! And you don't need to make full sized recipes- last batch I made was only about 1/2 cup! I actually prefer making tiny batches since the lotion lasts a long while. :)

    The "equipment" needed is simple- My heating unit is a coffee cup heater that I use in winter to keep my tea warm, and I have a few pyrex beakers from thrift shops, and a small spoon completes the supplies for making lotion- nothing any of you couldn't find! The Dollar Store and most places that sell make-up, have the empty squirt bottles to put the lotion in.

    Give it a try! It's easy and fun to make your own! :hello:

    Granny :wave:
  14. apothecanna. medicated skin care.
  15. I'm still reading.
  16. THC-A and ß-caryophyllene work very well together as a sustained action topical good for about 24 Hrs. Using the two together unheated at all makes the THC-A work and act more like an endocannabinoid.
  17. The peppermint oil is a source for ß-caryophyllene remember that it is a CB-2 receptor specific cannabinoid also. :hello:

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