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  1. Hey, I live in Ontario and now that Marijuana is officially legal in Colorado and Washington for recreational use I just wanted to know the status of Marijuana being legal in Canada. I know that it almost became legal and that it might be legal in British Columbia soon. I don't really care if it's legal or not but it would be soo much better if it were legal lol. Just wana know if anyone has any info on cannabis being legalized in Canada !

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    My sources tell me weed will be legal in canada by 2015.
  3. Oh wow thats amazing, are you just making that up or you just guessing lol? Because I think cannabis will be legal in Canada by the end of 2014 ! That's totally a guess though lol
  4. Has long as Harpers in power I don't see it being legal.
  5. Ya that's true, hope it becomes legal soon though because then you can get certain strains of marijuana !
  6. Currently HealthCanada is changing it's Medical marijuana production/delivery system to a more corporate/private enterprise system. This should take a couple years to perfect. At the same time the government is loosening it's tight control on doctors' ability to perscribe the medicine. As the US Federal government begins to allow indivdiual states to control their own destiny regarding legalization, Canada will quickly follow suit. Canada will use the established medical production/delivery system to supply the newly legal market in a similar scheme as Washington state. Using provincial liquor outlets to control sales to the general public. A timeframe??? an uneducated guess....3-5 yrs.
  7. I agree. Harper has no intention to legalize it. Still, many people in Canada see Marijuana as a dangerous drug. I think once America legalizes, the entire world will. Remember that almost every country signed the UN treaty against marijuana and other drugs.

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  8. For every one that want the legalization of it its times to vote in the next Canadian federal election (2015) for the Liberal party,
    Look what Justin Trudeau is saying at 5:39s of the following video;
    Also read theese both webpages
    117. Legalize and Regulate Marijuana

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