Cannabis-laced beer and dog treats excite big firms

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    Big companies are scrambling to grab a share of the $150bn (£119bn) global cannabis market, eyeing products as diverse as beer and dog treats.

    That's according to a report by Standard & Poor's which predicts further expansion as legal cannabis becomes acceptable.
    The report by the ratings agency says growth may be volatile, because of the changing regulatory framework.
    But it points to growth in sectors such as healthcare, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, tobacco, beauty and healthcare.
    Indeed, two of the biggest investments in the sector have come from Altria, owner of Philip Morris cigarettes, and Constellation Brands, owner of Corona beer, which have each invested more than $1bn in such products.

    So what's going on?
    Cannabis, a family of plants, contains compounds which include tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) - which affects the mind and mood - and cannabidiol (CBD), which scientists are investigating as a medical treatment.
    Companies are seeking options for growth at a time when their existing businesses are facing pressure.

    Take alcohol. Younger drinkers are drinking less, the report says, and turning instead "to coffee shops and recreational cannabis for an experience".

    But it's not just alcohol where growth is possible. "The makers of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, health and beauty care products and cigarettes are among companies considering selling cannabis products," the report says

    (more 'ere: The firms betting millions on cannabis)

    This stuff still leaves a qwesy feeling in my tum
  2. No to dogs, they don’t understand the effects.
  3. CBD is great for pets. My sister's 14 year old, arthritic Chiweenie would struggle without daily CBD on his hips. Trips to the vet with my cat would be very different without CBD.
  4. Cbd is wonderful for them. Not THC however.
  5. Just had one of my babes put down ...very upset
    but I was thinking of dosing her to ease her pain...? (never did)
    she never recovered from a serious flea bite, then her health fell bigtime

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  6. Actually beer laced with weed tastes amazing. Well at least for IPA.
  7. I'm really sorry to hear that, man. They provide such love.
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    Holy cow fleas? So sorry to hear this vostok. I heard diatomaceous earth is safe to put on dogs but dries out the fleas and cracks their bodies open and they die from lack of moisture.

    Regarding giving a dying animal cannabis, I happen to have some Full Cannabis Extract (RSO) in my med kid when my cat was dying. I knew it was the day as her breathing became labored and uncomfortable. I gave her a little bead size and she fell in to a comfortable sleep and started kneading the air with her paws like she did as a kitten. Then she did something she's never done. She started to snore! She looked so comfortable and then she died. I was like fuck, I want a huge blob of cannabis oil when I'm dying. I'm serious!
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