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Cannabis is not a drug

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by corydub, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Cannabis is a plant. It grows out of the ground, and the beautiful flower of the plant can medicate and intoxicate people. Drugs are things fucked with. The DEA would lose all their money if cannabis was made legal, because most "drug" busts are for a simple plant that doesn't do any harm.
  2. Wow........didnt know that before........
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    This doesn't belong in seasoned tokers. Then again neither do I. But it IS drug, hate to burst your bubble. I wish people would give up this argument it makes us look stupid.

    A reason your argument is flawed is because there are other substances we would certainly consider drugs that come directly from a plant. Morphine comes directly from popaver somniferum
  4. a drug by definition is something that alters normal body operation. You gotta be smoking some pretty shitty weed if you don't feel different.
  5. You're right. It is a plant.

    THC is the drug.

    You are still doing drugs. Smoking weed means you are using it as a drug
  6. Yeah, it is actually a drug. Sorry to burst your bubble.
  7. Agreed.

    Cocaine comes from coca leaves. opium can come from poppys. Those are plants too.

    A drug is any substance added to your body that alters the way that your body acts. Things like endorphins, dopamine, etc, are pretty much drugs that your body produces, just not drugs since they're not added to the body, they're produced naturally.

    Stop saying that weed is not a drug cus straight up, you are wrong. Its a stupid argument, and makes stoners look dumb. Weed is a drug. The thing people need to realize is that drugs are not bad. Drugs are everywhere. In our coffee, even turkey has a drug in it, something that makes you tired.
  8. Well call me a drug addict, which I don't believe I am.

    @zip, yeah they come from leaves until they are mixed and cut with other shit.
  9. So I guess opium, one of the most addictive substances on earth that grows from beautiful poppies, isn't a drug either?
  10. Or the coca plant? Wow, I didn't know opium and cocaine weren't drugs either!
  11. It's a drug. Just not a synthetic drug like other substances. What I do think is stupid is that the government is trying to regulate a free-growing plant. If the DEA controlled Marijuana at the level that it wishes to, they are only putting a species closer to extinction. Now, luckily, growers have taken the responsibility to preserve this wonderful drug. :smoke:

  12. This guy uses common sense
  13. No, you are thinking of how dealers rip other people off.

    Yes, many of those things are put through a process to get the final drug but thats only to increase its potency. Nothing is really added. You will still get the drug regardless. Many in south america chew the coca leaves. Its their version of caffeine.

    Its no different than making hash
  14. Exactly. The stuff its mixed with to end up with cocaine, is not added to the drug. Its stuff used to extract the cocaine. No different then using butane to extract BHO, just a couple more steps.
  15. I go by my definition of drug ... end story. Not a drug. Theres a different dynamic in there somewhere that changes its classification to me. It enhances my mind not control it. That is all ...
  16. I like to go by my definition of a hooker. Im not paying her for sex, Im just letting her borrow some money:rolleyes:

  17. Congratulations?
  18. "A drug, broadly speaking, is any substance that, when absorbed into the body of a living organism, alters normal bodily function"
  19. LOL, I hope IFutureI doesn't get into the pharmaceutical businesses...
  20. Exactly. Coffee is a drug. Green tea is a drug. Hell, activated charcoal powder is a drug.

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