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cannabis is medicine

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by splurp, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. Ive been toking a few times a day for about eight months, and just recently i decided that I needed a tolerance break. I was gonna go without smoking for three weeks. Well, sure enough, today, three days into my break, I get food poisoning. VERY unpleasant. I was vomiting repeatedly and too nauseous to stand up or concentrate on anything. After several hours of this, I just decided that enough was enough and that i would just smoke, just because i was desperate for something to stop this nausea. Now, i have never really smoked up for any real medical reason before, and i wasn't sure if it was really gonna help me, but i was completely blown away. After i smoked, I stood up and walked around, feeling no nausea. This is literally ONE MINUTE after i finished my bowl, and i went from too nauseous to move to functional and comfortable, and now here i am posting this. I have never felt more strongly than now that taking this resource that is obviously capable of greatly helping people in need (as i have now seen firsthand), and labeling it prohibited is a disgusting insult to all humans. Something has got to be done.

  2. Smoking with a cold is kind of annoying just because your nose wont stop running but i have a vape so i dont have that problem anymore. and other than that weed make any ache, pain, sickness, whatever 10x better.
  3. Cannabis Kills!!! (bad things)
  4. I use it for epilepsy, insomnia and anxiety :D
  5. I know first hand to. My mom had breast cancer and i convinced her to try it she stopped taking the pills and she fought cancer for 6 years until it caught up to her. I honestly thing if it wasn't for the marijuana she would of had way less time. Kimo is such a hard treatment to go through.

    Legalize !
  6. It's an amazing thing. Isn't that why we're all here?

    Glad it helped make you feel better. It honestly helps everything I've tried it for. Colds and strep throat aren't great, but that's not even the cannabis's fault-- that's because smoke is just generally harsh. And still, after you're done with the actual smoking process you end up feeling better.

  7. great
  8. QFT. I suffered from chronic nausea for about a year. Every morning I would wake up and begin vomiting. One hit and my nausea began to fade. One bowl later I felt better than OK.

    My husband suffers from severe anxiety and depression. He was on a number of heavy meds. Once he started smoking marijuana he weaned off all his medicine and hasn't taken anything but cannabis ever since.

    The truth is beginning to come out! 2010 is going to be a great year for the MMJ movement!
  9. After being jumped when I was about 12, my chest collapsed because the kids broke all my ribs. THey also stole my puppy and my bike, I had to have a metal bar surgically implanted in my chest for a few years.

    I still have constant pain, especially after playing bball or a long sparing session, cannabis seems to do the job the best. AND saves me about $150 a month in Rx bills.
  10. I feel like such a winner when I get a migraine, and just light up a bowl.
  11. lol i was hella sick i forgot what i had but if i wasnt high i was back to sick so when i was home from school i just took bong hits and slept all day lol

  12. My mom had breast cancer to, i wish i could have gotten her to smoke i think it would have helped way more than the chemo did, which it didn't seem to that much at all. I was pretty young at the time still so I never had the grapes to try to get her to smoke but I wish I would have

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